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  1. Would you mind pushing the modifications necessary to get the code to build on Windows upstream? I tried running strings on all of the files in the game and using the output as passwords (minus strings containing ' and "), but none of them worked. Also, I suspect that two rounds of decoding might not really have been necessary. I think my version of the cipher text ended up double encoded when I entered, left, and re-entered the room before solving the puzzle. How did you detect whether the password was correct? Right now, the game just checks that the four four-bytes interpreted as a little-endian integer are less than or equal to the size of the cipher text minus four. I suspect the "less than" is not "equal to" due to padding. I think all of the bytes past the size of the "deciphered" size should be zero. Maybe it would be worth reversing the encipher function as well?
  2. I have posted an initial version on Bitbucket. After the latest push, I can recover PrincessChambers.lua from the encoded version.
  3. I have a C version that I think is working correctly, but I want to polish the code a bit before I upload to bitbucket. For me, the encoded version starts out, "5d 46 a9 9d 8f ae a3 92" and the decoded version starts out, "80 3a 00 00 06 66 28 1c". The first four bytes of the decoded output are the size of the decoded output (little endian) which should be less than or equal to the size of the encoded input minus four.
  4. Not yet, but I'm somewhat close, I think. Do you know how to get the enciphered version of PrincessChambers.lua? I'd like to use it as a test vector. I think the logic for checking if the decryption is valid is in the function that calls DFHack::_decipherBuffer.
  5. I disassembled DFHack::_decipherBuffer. The algorithm is almost totally identical to covergentEncryptMem from the silent text project. The first argument to find_cipher is hardwired to "aes". I was hopping that the cipher would turn out to be something weak or broken, but that turns out not to be the case. The intended solution is to find the password, not break the algorithm, which is kind of ironic given the plot of the game.
  6. Will the 0.5 update be coming out for Linux as well? The Ryan posted the update for Mac on Thursday (http://treefort.icculus.org/psychonauts/), but the corresponding Linux update is still missing.
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