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  1. Mouse function stays, I used it to exit the game. Nothing hangs or freezes the characters act like they would if you weren't doing anything. I don't own a controller and no other USB devices are attached. I do have a Bluetooth connection to some speakers but I wasn't using the speakers at the time. Just tried the game there again and they keyboard didn't lock. It looks as though the problem is intermittent rather than permanent, although it did happen the first 2 or 3 times I booted it up. Thanks for the help.
  2. Can't seem to find info on this anywhere else but when I see a cave painting or enter the menu suddenly my keyboard ceases to function. I can't control or switch characters. The only fix seems to be to quit and start again. I am on Win 7 64 Bit and 6 Gigs of ram.
  3. I want Lumberjack to become a secondary mascot for Double Fine. Maybe have a small cameo in the games in the back ground or something
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