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  1. You are in a minority on this one. They are as complex as the puzzles in Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, etc. They are meant to be enjoyable, not hair pullingly frustrating. Like every other PnC adventure game. A linear story is told with some active player involvement. It is no different from anything made in the past. You never buy the product on kickstarter. read their terms of use. It's group funding. You made an investment into double fine, and instead of having a hand in the profits of the title you helped fund, you instead opted to get the game (both parts when finished) and some door prizes. While your dissatisfaction is unfortunate; What you were getting into was quite clear beforehand. I have to give you props on this. I've seen people involved in other KS projects just flip out and start swearing endlessly. I don't agree at all with your reasons as like I said, if you play the old PNC games the only difference you'll notice is in graphic and music fidelity. The puzzles and flow will be the same. On the other hand it's obviously not my decision, I just felt the need to express that you should have been aware of the game play elements beforehand, especially if you had played a PnC game before. Good luck in your epic quest for a partial refund.
  2. Game was launched the first time successfully, played as Vela up until just past the Maidens' Feast. Game was saved and closed. One day later I attempted to open the game via Steam. "Failed to start game (unknown error)" if there's a log file or some form of trouble shooting I can do to give you more info, let me know.
  3. During the cut scene for veloria's surprise party as her sister is pulling her towards the cake, the neck object for her paper doll structure is briefly visible over-top of her face.
  4. -The inside of a cell (molecular) -A sub-atomic world (cheating, you can do whatever you want and just claim its because it's sub-atomic) -A flat world where you really can fall of the edge yet somehow water never runs out.
  5. Where are we submitting these to? I haven't seen any instructions or e-mail address or survey or anything about this, but people have already done it? Is this something that required a certain amount of money?
  6. I just spent the last 5-ish minutes looking for an upvote button. Too much reddit.
  7. Yes, because as odd as it might sound, I'm not concerned if the game flops. I put forward the amount of money I thought would be suitable for what I wanted to receive. I consider what I've done to be a pre-order. If I like this game, I will likely pre-order the next one.
  8. I like multiple ends as long as they're different enough to be worth any effort it takes to get them; Thus far in my eyes, Chrono Trigger is the only game to accomplish this.
  9. If there's a puzzle in the game that has clues so obscure that I'm left thinking they assumed I would use assorted faq sites, then I will cheat. However if it's something that I can pick up on without getting a head-ache, then I will not.
  10. None. When you have 90,000+ cooks in the kitchen, you're going to have a pretty terrible meal. Any 'say' should be based on being presented with plans, ideas, images, samples, etc that DF needs/wants feedback on. And even then it should, and probably only will be used as a guide towards a final decision or choice. Otherwise you end up with what happened to planetside. You try to please everyone, you add giant robots, everyone quits.
  11. My name is Denis, I'm 30 years old (still getting used to that) I'm an Aquarius and I like... oh... not that type of forum? Well okay then, I do freelance graphics work of multiple types to sustain myself, and I've been making video games for the PC and then tossing them out onto the internet without crediting myself since I was 12. I'm currently involved in an attempt to make an indie game. I started with Q-Basic, moved to ZZT, then other things. It's good fun. The first adventure game I played was ... .. . . .... Day of the Tentacle, then Maniac Mansion, Then half of the first monkey island, which I finally finished on the HD re-release. I can't think of what else to say without droning on and on and on.
  12. But we don't know anything about it yet.
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