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  1. I'm sorry to hear the sidequests have clearance issues. I really loved these and would like them to get additional distribution/support if possible, even if they don't make it onto the discs or if you can't get all of them. If it's infeasible I understand, but consider this another vote of support. I'd welcome any additional footage you have of nuts and bolts production work. Gimme 15 minutes of an animator, musician, or vfx coder doing their job, no dialog or VO needed. (I'd watch coders too, but maybe that's just me. ) If there were any design meetings that you filmed but didn't include for spoiler reasons, I'd love to see those as well.
  2. Ooh actually it should be released in weekly installments on the DFTV YouTube channel. That's probably what you have in mind already but it took me a minute to get there.
  3. Backers got plenty of early access to the documentary, and there's nothing in the original pitch about the doc being a backer exclusive. I greatly appreciate the abundance of caution, but I don't feel put out at all by the doc getting a wider release. More to the point: I got a tremendous amount value out of the documentary. For me, the doc was as important as the game itself. For the sake of others that might feel I as do, I would insist that the documentary get a wide release. The series isn't just backer updates, it's valuable insight into game development and studio management. This'll be required viewing in gamedev schools. There just isn't enough information like this available to the public, especially new devs. It's also a unique documentary voice that more people need to hear. It'd be a shame to lock it away in a closet, even if 87,000 people have access to it. I agree with other commenters that I'm not sure the documentary would change the mind of anyone who had a severe negative reaction to the campaign or partial information that leaked out of the backer community. It *would* inform many others about the nature of game development, and indirectly, it could reduce unrealistic expectations and vitriolic backlash against gamedevs through general awareness. But I'd brace myself for the release of the doc to churn up one more round of garbage from the same sources. I don't think that can be helped in the short term. Releasing the doc in tandem with Broken Age Act II would be a worthy PR boon, and would give the press more to talk about beyond "yup, the rest is out now." Genuinely not sure whether it should be a Steam bundle (like a dev commentary) or a free YouTube release. Either way, I'd like to see this happen. Let me know if you need more money. P.S. It's been enlightening to learn that there are backers who are interested in the game that aren't interested in the documentary. I doubt they'll object to the doc getting released either, but it's good to be reminded that there are multiple perspectives in this community.
  4. Fo what it's worth, we played full screen and weren't switching out of it.
  5. Greetings DF et al! My kids and I are enjoying CQ2 quite a bit. We ran into bugs in a few places, and I'm hoping mentioning them here will be of some use. Unfortunately my kids encountered them when I was not in the room so I can't speak too specifically to the circumstances, but we took pictures that will hopefully be useful. All of these were encountered in the Mac version, OS X 10.9.5 (3.5 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM), purchased and run via Steam. We had two full system crashes so far that required a hard reboot. One was during a portal loading screen; pic attached. I was out of the room for the second one and didn't get an interesting pic. After a bit of play, some of the textures in the battle sequence started glitching out. Text was garbled significantly, and battle avatars were covered in the night's sky. Later, another screen had garbled text as well. The game was otherwise playable. Pics attached. Let me know if there's more information I can provide. When I get a chance I'll try to play it myself more carefully and see if there are specific circumstances where these occur.
  6. Re: "fi," it sounds like this is merely a mis-handling of ligatures, certain combinations of letters (including "fi") that are sometimes rendered with a special character in the font. If the browser is trying to render "fi" as a ligature but the font is missing that character, it'll appear as a dot. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typographic_ligature http://aestheticallyloyal.com/public/optimize-legibility/ https://medium.com/typography/baeff3613070 So probably unrelated to the puzzle. (I don't see a dot for fi in Chrome on a Mac. The font spec appears to be 14px/22px share_tech_monoregular, "Lucida Console", Monaco, monospace, sans-serif. share_tech_monoregular: http://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Share+Tech+Mono )
  7. I think if Pen's pitches were limited to 30 seconds, we might not have as many people saying they're boring. Everyone else had to tighten their pitches, and it's extremely likely that most of the other concepts are no more well developed than Pen's. We can't say this experiment has failed until we see the prototype game that comes out of it (and even then...). As for employee development (and for the record I think it's awesome that the community cares about DF's employees), this seems like a cool opportunity for some DF'ers to work with an interesting creative director from the outside, without making a huge commitment to a full game. Whether that opportunity should consume AF resources is a fair question, but I can see significant value for employees and the company. Personally I've prioritized my non-Pen votes for game leads I either don't recognize or at least didn't lead last year. The pitch I'm most excited about is from a professional game designer, but I'd rather give someone else a chance to lead a project.
  8. I rather like the idea of an AF team forced (forced!) to make one of Pen's games. All of these are exercises in finding the fun, and while Pen's pitches have less defined gameplay in them, he brings in fun from other directions. It'll be up to the team to make one of these weird concepts into a playable game.
  9. Are you referring to a line where the grandma looks both ways really quickly?
  10. My kids saw me writing down animation bugs while I was playing, and they came up with this one themselves when I was out of the room: When Vella is on an angled tree branch in Meriloft, it's easy to cause Vella's shadow to hover in mid-air. This is especially true for the idle animation, where Vella's feet can be completely off the branch in some poses. (I have a screenshot, but they're still playing. I can attach it later.) This sounds difficult to fix and I personally wouldn't mind if it didn't get improved. But I told the kids I'd post it.
  11. In the Shay chapter, the Space Weaver's dialog is difficult to hear over the background sound effects. It seems like this is intentional for background dialog to indicate that simultaneous action is possible, but this is also true for foreground dialog.
  12. Vella chapter, in the first puzzle scene with the knife, Vella does not appear to be making eye contact with Grandpa or Mom, but appears to be staring off into space. Perhaps a matter of opinion.
  13. Vella's chapter, in the cut scene after the sacrifice puzzle is solved, there's a moment where Mog Chothra is holding Vella's foot. The foot appears in front of Mog Chothra's tentacles, but it looks like it's supposed to be behind (as if held).
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