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  1. First: Spoilers ahead. I'm not going to try to disguise anything written here so don't read if you've yet to finish act 1. I want to start by saying I loved the game. The dialog was amazing and after I finished act one my jaw was on the floor. I had to lean back and think about what I had just experienced. There was a lot to take in. I remembered my rescue missions with Shay and how the lined up with Vella's problems. It was pretty a pretty amazing realization. Unfortunately that's when the big plot holes started popping up in my memory. These are certainly things that could be explained in act 2, and one of the reasons I'm writing this is to remind the team about the plot holes that really stand out. First and foremost is that Shay's "space ship" is waaaaaaay bigger than the monster Vella fights at the end. The train room is about as big as the final room in Vella's story. The next obvious one is that as you're "Floating" in "Space" you can SEE the boom arms that you've been using to bring the "creatures" in. Why would anyone design the monster with little boom arms in it and then have the actual grabbing arms be a different mechanism? It just doesn't make sense. (Also the space room is bigger than the monster itself.) Next up is that this isn't the first time this creature has come to the maidens, yet Marek needs Shay to do all of the grabbing for him. I'm pretty sure somewhere in the game it talks about how this Mog is a young one and maybe the only one left or something, and it needs to reproduce, but I also think they mention this isn't the first time this particular one has been to the sacrifices. If this isn't true then perhaps this should be clarified a little more somewhere. Repeating important plot points never hurts (unless it's done too much and it becomes obvious this is important and it spoils the surprise.) But repeating it one more time couldn't hurt. How Mother got her memories I think is something that will be explained later, but I feel like that scene goes by quickly and it's unrepeatable. It would be nice to make it a little more detailed, have Shay ask some questions about it or something. It's really sped through. If Father is busy repairing the "Hull" I assume that also means he's the one who actually repairs Mog Chathra, which would seem odd since no one has actually seen him in Vella's world. No mention of any floating blue moon near the Mog, or if Father turns into another creature when outside the ship, this is also not mentioned. Where are we going in relation to Vella's world when we're transporting to the smile system or the puppy planetoid? The last thing, and most disappointing, is that Vella tries to punch Shay at the end of the act. There is really no reason for her to punch him. She, up to this point, has been shown to be a noble person who only wanted to kill Mog Chathra. When Shay stumbles out of the hole created Vella doesn't know who he is or why he's there. For all she knows he could have been eaten as well, she doesn't know he only eats the maidens because she's never satisfied with any answers she's given anyway. The fact that she's dressed like the dead eye god should at least give her pause as well. It seems right at the time because we, as the viewers, know (or think we know) that Shay is responsible for the whole mess but when you look back on it it really goes against Vella's character. Next I'll list things I *think* are probably going to happen in act 2, use them as you will. I'm sure if I think these things others will think them too. Maybe I was intentionally or subliminally lead to these conclusions so you can manipulate our incorrect foresight and give us some big surprises or make fun of us for thinking the wrong thing!: Warek is Father in a suit. His arms are fake so he can't use the controls. You only see primitive arm movement in Warek and never actually see him do any fine manipulation. Maybe he's got some levers under that suit and all he can do is bend the arm a little. The other option is Warek is a tentacle. He's just the right size for it. Mother has memories of being a sacrifice because the sacrifices are brought back to wherever the Mogs are made and their memories become the basis of a new "Mother" ai for other Mogs. Clones of the dead eye god are then placed in the Mogs and when they're old enough they're manipulated into continuing the cycle. The other option: The laser actually shot a hole into a pocket dimension where a similar ship to the dead eye gods was, it just so happens Shay had been doing things similar to what Mog Chothra was doing (Total double plot twist!) Obviously the first thing I'm going to want to do when act 2 starts is start as Shay and ask the dead eye god what the heck is going on. I assume as I'm walking up to the door the space ship will lift off and leave me hanging. I say I assume this, but I really, really don't want this to happen because it feels cheap and like an easy-out to having to explain the act 1 surprise too early. I'm sure there are other things that can prevent Shay from talking to the dead eye god. Like being arrested or getting sucked into a wave and thrown all the way back to Vella's home village. The next thing I'm going to do is try to have Vella talk to Mother, but I feel that Mother simply not talking to her is a little more believable and less cheesy.
  2. This only happened once in my playthrough, so I don't know how often it can be replicated. I was looking for the crystal piece for the laser and I thought I'd check the cloud area. I went to the center then did a cursory search of each connected area for anything shiny and diamond shaped. I wasn't in each area for long, a few seconds. I made sure to double click a lot of places to make Vella run across the screen to make it scroll by, then I'd double click the entrance to fast transport to the next area. After going through each area (Top, Right, Bottom) I was leaving to the ladder area (Left) from the main cloud hub area the game crashed. It didn't lock up or anything it just shut down. When I restarted I had been saved in the ladder area.
  3. It's funny we know who she's talking to even though we've never been told his name. But for all we know she could have named her little clicker Alex and never mentioned it.
  4. I'm a bad clicker, sometimes I click one thing and mean another. If you click on the entrance to the temple, then suddenly click a blind girl Vella will move a little then start talking to the girls. The camera zooms in on where she's supposed to be but there's no one there! Then it zooms in on the girl talking and Vella is standing right next to her looking like a stalker.
  5. When I was in the giant fruit tree area and heard Gus yelling he's in the roots, so I did the most logical thing and jumped into a hole in the ground. Unfortunately it was the exact spot I was supposed to go and I knocked Gus off the root. We both land on the bird and he says "Oh, hey Vella!" And then I can never talk to him again. I assume I'm supposed to get down to him through the actual trunk and talk to him before freeing him, but I did it in the wrong order and he suddenly knows my name even though I've never met the guy.
  6. This is the first one that came to mind: Stranded A first-person survival game. You are an explorer of the frontier of space and your ship malfunctions. You crash land on the nearest habitable planet and you're forced to survive until you fix your ship or help comes. Gameplay: You have several stats that you choose at the beginning of the game and can improve through actions or what's left of your ship's computer. The ship itself serves as the first shelter the player can use. The player can build new shelters, scavenge for food and explore the local area. The player is given a beginning weapon with limited ammunition but if he wishes to explore he'll have to learn how to make a weapon. There are some rations in the ship but the player will soon have to start scavenging. Gameplay elements: First-person shooting/stabbing/fighting, item recipes, survival, sandbox. Art style: Low-poly, vibrant color. Hand-painted textures with a very cartoonish look. Alien plants and animals will need to be unique enough to look 'different' but similar enough that players can recognize their utility, i.e. poisoned mushrooms, berries, giant spiders, a sharp pointy stick, etc. Character goals: Sandbox survivals get boring after a while. The player needs multiple ways to win the game. Currently there are four possibilities: Fix the ship, signal for help, find an alien ship, build a house (And live on the planet forever). Others may come up but these are four reasonable goals that can be made by a dev team in a short amount of time. Say two weeks? Target platforms: The game should be made for tablets/touch screens as well as PCs. Having a mouse or touch-screen only control system with simple first-person elements such as click or tap to attack, simple movement, etc. The challenge of the game is less in the character's ability to shoot things and more in his creativity and ability to find items to stay alive. What makes this game different? There are a lot of survival games out on the market already. This game needs to be unique enough to differentiate itself from the rest of the competition. How do we do this? Unique art style: The game is set on another planet, we have free reign to make the game as pretty and vibrant as we want. The stats system: The players actions and choices determine what he learns and how quickly he learns it. He can study at his computer to try and repair the ship, he can build a bunch of shelters to learn how to build a house, he can make signal devices, he can explore. Each time a stat increases the player gains different abilities or his abilities are enhanced. The platform: Making the game available to phones and tablets means we can let the user pause the game and pull it out when he's between classes, or waiting at the doctor's office.
  7. I think it would be best to give this idea as an example from the perspective of a new player who had never heard the hype before s/he played the game: So the idea is that it's not a memorial hall but statues or other objects that are viewable in other parts of the game such as the overhead map or maybe inside of buildings there are paintings that appear (for the weaker fighters.) Each one has an anecdote about either how the person died or if they were a really epic hero it's about their biggest battle. Scoring battles and turning them into prose could be a simple scoring system based on the variables of the battle. Ex. Are they out numbered? Are there stronger enemies? Did one guy kill a stronger enemy by himself? Where was the battle? What would the result have been if they lost? Taking those variables and taking a few random sentences regarding each could turn it into a simple story for the memorial.
  8. Bowman: Or Bowwoman as the case may be. Bowperson? These guys shoot at things with their bow. They're not very good toe-to-toe but they can beat people up with their bow if they have to. Long Bowman: Like a Bowman but taller. He can shoot over the heads of his allies instead of shooting them in the back. He also makes an easier target. Cannon Fodder: Sun Tzu once said "If you want to distract your enemy dress your prisoners up as your soldiers and tell them their freedom is on the other side of that field, then cut them loose." That field also happens to be watched by the enemy army. Once the enemy army storms out to mop up your fake troops you come in behind and kill everyone. Two birds with one stone. Maybe you're not that evil. Maybe these guys just have a high defense. Either way, they're the distraction. Viking Berserker: Horned helmets, axes and beards these are the fighter's fighter. They run head first into battle with a scream, throwing the enemy off and then the lop off their head! That'll teach them to mess with the vikings!" Techno Viking: This shirtless wonder dances around the battlefield to the beat of the wardrums. He stops and points at you and you know you're going to die. Kablamo! he uses his techno skills to blow you up! Fighter: Give him a sword and a shield and he's all yours. No questions asked. Take away his sword and he'll use his fists! This is the most generic class but also the most balanced.
  9. I thought of some more: Duelist: It's time to D-d-d-d-duel! He doesn't use guns, unless there are guns in this world then he uses guns. This guy likes to challenge his enemies to duels, this bypasses any armor the enemy may have but he gains no advantage for flanking, he also has a greater chance to be countered. Also he has funny looking hair and gets possessed by an older version of himself which is actually a spirit from an ancient civilization. Vampire: Not that kind of vampire, the other kind. He wears dark makeup and brings everyone near him down, lowering their defense and chance to counter. He also drinks blood but only for show, it's usually just tomato juice. Witch: Double, Double, Toil and trouble! Fire burn and chalice bubble! These ladies curse their enemies, giving them huge debuffs. They also work best in threes (combo attack anyone?) And funny hats. She's also immune to the witch hunters ability, go figure. Wizard: At the age of 12 these boys were sent off to a boarding school while their parents stayed home and got drunk. They eventually came back with the ability to levitate things. They didn't learn much else, what with killing off the evil wizard and such they didn't have time to study. They can make fancy animals dance around though. Werewolf: Fighters who change into animals! Aoooo Werewolves in [kingdom name here]! They have a great sense of smell as well as being able to dunk from half court! Doppleganger: Tall, thin little monsters that turns into the first creature it kills. Nasty.
  10. Chaos`^


    You made me google war moose so thanks. That have been pretty epic if it happened in a time when cavalry was relevant and continued from there. Also bear mounts would be fun. What would be the most epic animal for a mount, though?
  11. Going on the idea of money scoundrel I came up with some genetic traits and/or classes that might also fit: Bad with Money: From the Final Fantasy skill Coin Toss. He uses money as a weapon by throwing heavy coins at his enemies. This makes him expensive to upkeep. Bandit: He gives his enemies an ultimatum. Give me money or I'll kill you. If they pay him he doesn't attack (but you get the money!) Witch Hunter: Warhammer (Or Van Helsing depending on who you ask) has convinced everyone that witch hunters run around with a gun, a sword and a funny hat. Not so! His ability is to convince neighboring allies to attack the target unit by burning him at the stake! He still wears a funny hat. Old-timey boxer: He doesn't use weapons, he doesn't kick, he can't cast spells and he doesn't wear shirts. He's a man's man with a mustache (If it's a woman she can wear a shirt, but it's not required. The mustache is.) He can only attack units next to him, and the unit gets to counter attack, but only with fists. Hatter: Being mad is optional. This unit entices others to play with him and rewards them with hats. That's it. Just hats. Also has trouble counting higher than 2. Monk: Shaolin style, not the boring beer-drinking European style monk. He shaves his head and decorates it with dots. The more dots the better. Also good at soccer for some reason. Musketeer: Can't fight alone, there has to be at least one other musketeer on the field. Probably doesn't use muskets. Also he goes crazy when he's the last one on the field.
  12. Chaos`^


    So "Not Chocobo" breeding. Hmm... Can we breed a golden "Not Chocobo"?
  13. I think it would be interesting if each fighter had their own advancement tree (so you can enhance bloodlines the way YOU want, like you can have a family of archers) as well as a more general but smaller country-wide advancement tree. I think every bloodline should be able to buy skills in any tree but your returns are less if you weren't bred for it. So if your archer family dies off you have to start a new one, otherwise what happens if you've only got one family left and they're swordfighters? It might be hard for a few generations but eventually you'd have archers and swordfighters.
  14. The recent X-COM was super fun, I loved it BUT it had a camera bug where you couldn't click on any ground that had a second level below it. This made the game extremely frustrating for me. I liked the control scheme of Valkyria Chronicles, where you went to 3rd person view and moved the guy around until his endurance or whatever it was called ran out. I really like Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. These were my first experience of the TRPG genre. Advance Wars was also incredibly fun.
  15. Chaos`^


    The thing to keep in mind about that mechanic is that these are ultimately strategic marriages to foster powerful bloodlines--they're entirely about producing heirs, basically. I mean, theoretically speaking, in the kingdom there may well be same-sex couples who have fulfilling romantic relationships outside the context of gameplay, but this game isn't a relationship simulator in that sense. These are arranged marriages for strategic goals. So the heroes abilities are strictly genetic? That is they can't adopt? What if I focus only on Female heroes and I want to marry one off? Can I just have two women get together and adopt and they teach the child everything they know? This kind of pushes into the nature vs nurture debate.
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