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  1. Haha, yeah. We just ran out of time for getting that done for the trailer. It will be addressed before we ship.
  2. Yeah, we are trying to work something out to make everyone happy.
  3. Things like that changed only because the artist creating the new art didn't know there was something significant about how they were originally depicted. Once we get a first pass of everything, we will be going back through looking for things like that to change to be closer to the original art.
  4. All of the background music will be remastered by Peter McConnell. He is performing it all from scratch with the original midi versions as a guide. It sounds truly amazing and I can tell he is having a blast revisiting those old tracks. I think you guys will be very very happy with the results. I had an ear to ear grin when he turned in the first few cues. Once I get approval, I think I can share some of it in the forum. As far as the Gone Jackals stuff, it will all be included just like the original game. I wouldn't dare cut any of that from the game!
  5. Thanks for the comments, Thunderpeel! Glad to see we are headed down the right path with only a handful of items that need another few passes to get right. The sorting and cutoff issues will be addressed, of course. But it is all of those art direction decisions we are making now that everything is being created fresh at 4K that could be interpreted a bunch of different ways. The idea right now is to get the entire game done with a 1st pass at art, the we will be going back over everything again with a fine tooth comb to sort out all of the polish that the art will need. This game might be short, but it is MUCH more complex and detailed when compared to DOTT. The art and FMV pipeline came online a few weeks ago, so there are still a lot of rough bits that need that extra few passes of polish. I look forward to sharing more work with you guys so you can see how things look as we refine our process.
  6. I think getting some early feedback would be extremely helpful. You guys always have such a keen eye for the details that can be easy to miss. It is not 100% my call since it is a license that we don't own, so keep that in mind. With that said, I will see what is possible, but if I am told no I just have to accept that answer. -Matt
  7. We are going over every 3D asset and remodeling them when totally necessary to get new clean UVs and appropriate mesh resolution. All of the materials will be totally redone (with respect given to the source), and we will be leveraging things like ambient occlusion, global illumination, final gather and custom shaders to create a nice crisp version of the rendered art that captures the same feel as the original but with much better lighting. The idea is to not stray from the original art as much as possible, but to leverage modern 3D tools to allow those elements to sit better in the scenes with the rest of the 2D art. What we have already shown is still very early and is getting better every day. For example, Ben's bike in front of the Kickstand has gone through a bunch of revisions since that screen was released to address some of the lighting and shading issues people have mentioned. I really wanted to re-render all of those frames before sending it off in the wild since I noticed the same thing, but we unfortunately ran out of time for that deadline. One thing I will say is that even for 3D files that were created in 1994 in 3D Studio r3 for DOS, the original art team created some really impressive and clean 3D meshes. They were VERY thoughtful for how they built each mesh, so our team has really been impressed with how little we actually needed to clean up their work.
  8. Hey Everyone! Sorry I have been absent from the forums, but everything is really busy at Double Fine these days! I just wanted to jump in and thank everyone for all of the awesome comments. You guys were so helpful as we were working on DOTT, so it is great to get your feedback on Full Throttle. What we have shown is further behind than what we first publicly showed for DOTT. A lot of this stuff had just been added to the game days before sending off the trailer, screens and demo for PSX, so there have been a TON of improvements since that deadline. We really wanted to address a lot of those things you pointed out before releasing this stuff into the wild, but it was beyond the 11th hour when we had a build of the game that was good enough for PSX. Some of that stuff makes me cringe a little bit, but I am glad we were able to show something this early in production. Those of you who followed the DOTT development know that we really tried to address as much of your feedback is possible, so that will also be the case with this game. Please keep pointing out anything that doesn't look right. Even after we stare at this stuff for hours, you guys still point out things we miss. So, it is always great to get a new set of eyes looking at this stuff. Some of it will come down to subjective decisions where our opinions might differ, but it is also good to hear those differing opinions too because it can help drive our decisions as we move into the polish pass next year. We really want to make something that is going to make the most people possible happy, so sometimes we don't get it right without that outside perspective. For the question of platforms, we have a contract deadline we have to hit for early-ish next year, so we are focusing our effort on PS4, Vita and Windows for launch. After the initial launch we will be fixing bugs and addressing the feedback from the community (like we did for DOTT) while also working on the OSX, Linux and iOS versions. Trust me, we would love to release everything on day-one, but we are a pretty small team and don't want to compromise the quality of the game by spreading ourselves too thin. That's it for now, but I will be making an effort to spend a little more time in here with you guys to answer questions and provide updates. You guys are the best! -Matt
  9. the nitpicking from you and everyone else is what lets us know where we can improve. If you guys didn't bring these things up, none of it would have been addressed. I have gotten better at not taking it personally. I just know it is just because you guys care a lot and want it done correctly.
  10. Merry Christmas, ShyGuy. We were listening.
  11. This is exactly right. Hopefully with our most recent patch it is clear that we care a lot about the feedback. If we had endless money, we would work on this until it was absolutely perfect. Unfortunately, that just isn't always realistic when we also have to be mindful of our budgets in order to keep making more games. The team worked really hard to make sure every penny of the budget and every second of the schedule was spent on making the best game possible.
  12. It's not even really a bug, it's just that a few files got mixed up and have the wrong names which could VERY easily be fixed, I assume. Can you explain the problem you are experiencing in more detail? I am not sure I totally understand the issue. We did try to pour over all the feedback and address everything we could. It's been right here in as much detail as I was able to put it: http://support.doublefine.com/forums/300498-day-of-the-tentacle-remastered/suggestions/13423470-a-number-of-things-wrong-with-the-weird-ed-cutscen It becomes quite clear what the issues are once you compare the scene to the original game. Ahh, gotcha. I think there was some confusion around this bug while we were working on the patch. We are going to try our best to fix this if it is an easy fix, but I can't guarantee we will be able to address this one.
  13. It's not even really a bug, it's just that a few files got mixed up and have the wrong names which could VERY easily be fixed, I assume. Can you explain the problem you are experiencing in more detail? I am not sure I totally understand the issue. We did try to pour over all the feedback and address everything we could.
  14. The main team is moving on to FT after the patch. Cheese is working on the Linux port and doing an awesome job. It won't come out with the patch, but it won't be too much longer. We all want to make sure it is in good shape and fully tested before release.
  15. We are getting closer to releasing it. We are testing it right now and it addresses a lot of those requests. We have been focused on hopefully making this the final patch, then we are shifting over to Full Throttle.
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