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  1. It doesn't appear like Double Fine is planning to release this on the Asia PSN Store I've been trying to reach out to various people but I'm sure that because of the sheer volume of messages that they get, they'll not see my message, so let's try it here: When can we get Grim Fandango Remastered for PS4 in Asia? Don't you like Asians? I thought one of the games had a codename for an Asian restaurant huh? Make use of us and then give us nothing?? Ok, sorry, got a bit too excited there.. But please please PLEASE bring Grim Fandango Remastered to the PSN Store in Asia!!
  2. Voting for a native port to Xbox One too! I loved HAT/Kinect Party. My kid always played it with her friends but with the 360 in storage, I would really love to see this (or something similar) for Xbox One Kinect too!
  3. Brutal Legend on Xbox One

    I would really love to see this too. Having backward compatibility for Call of Duty games is just not what I'm looking for. I want Brutal Legend!