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  1. The campaign said a dvd or a bluray, is the dvd still a possibility ?
  2. You guys are great. Thanks for making me smile at the idea of playing it soon !
  3. This. And big thanks to Double Fine and 2 Player for this excellent new episode. You guys and gals rocks, period.
  4. Mostly video interviews from around the release of Act 1. I can't remember exactly where they all were but I have a feeling one of them was Rock Paper Shotgun. Look it up. But seriously, accusing me of lying about interviews? How old are you, 2? Sorry if you felt accused of lying, but it was not my intention. I was worried about the term "interview" that felt inadequate. There was a statement from Double Fine about the delay (at the time when they announced Act 2 was fully financed) that was quoted by some websites including RPS. Like Skankityspence said above I was knitpicky about the choice of word and that was kind of childish I must admit. No offence.
  5. "Recent interviews have confirmed that it’ll be out a bit later in the year" “We’re already hard at word on Act 2, so you’ll still be getting great documentary episodes and sidequests and behind-the-scenes posts from the team. We’re not sure exactly when Act 2 will be out, but we promise to release it the second it’s awesome.” That's ok, we can wait but KestrelPi, you're talking about interviews that doesn't exist. I could be wrong of course, but you're making reference to "interviews", where are they ? EDIT : Sorry for my stinky english.
  6. Nice ! Hope this will make non-backers to moderate their point of view for **** sake !
  7. Thanks for the update but it's been a while and I was wondering : Does the Kotaku stuff have something to do with this : ?
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