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  1. Any chance of getting a key for the videos on steam? Any chance of seeing them in the future on vhx like the previous AF and get a key for them?
  2. I wanted to ask the same question. When the videos download will be available? Will it be on the humble store page or on vhx like the previous one?
  3. Redeemed mine too. Waiting for a solution.
  4. I agree. This kind of topic should be addressed officially on the campaign page being that an information of interest for those who have backed the campaign (or are willing to). Unfortunately on that regards the campaign feels kind of neglected.
  5. It's not particularly reassuring if the people asking for money don't know informations on the game they are going to develop and cannot provide them to the people they are asking the money from.
  6. I agree. You always say that characters and story are one of the most important thing in your games. So it feels only natural to not have that part neglected for Psychonauts 2 owners that don't own a PS4. People that don't own a PS4 (and a VR set) won't buy it only for this game but you are making them back the sequel while taking away part of the story. What would fill that gap? Otherwise the only expedient I could think of would be a comic like recap included in the game. Or simply leave out lore from the spin-off. I was thinking. PS4 doesn't have the first Psychonauts, right (correct me if I am wrong)? Then on PS4 you would have a sequel and something that link that sequel with a prequel they could have not played. Wouldn't be more useful to have that VR game tell the story of the first game instead? Or are you planning on porting the first game on PS4 too?
  7. It's more fun, I agree. But this way most of the backers won't even know the survery exist in the first place like it happened with the documentary survey. I also agree that a mockup of the two orientation should be at least suggested, otherwise we are voting without enough information. Both solution could end up bad or good.
  8. 25%, probably. This poll should have been an email survey sent out to $100+ backers. Like every other survey made so far.
  9. A workaround could be: one side vertical, other side horizontal. The other side is not used anyway in most of the case. This way it will work on every orientation.
  10. I agree. They can both end up good or bad regardless the orientation.
  11. It is absolutely the customers responsibility to pay the extra money when products are sold in different regions under different tax systems. The customers live in the country they're buying from. The citizens of that country voted for a government which imposed these taxes, be they VAT or tariffs or whatever else and so they should pay the tax, not foreign companies. The customer is the only one with the power to vote to have the tax code changed. Doublefine is based in the US. Its employees live, work, vote, and pay taxes in the US. Why should a developer or publisher subsidize the taxes of foreign citizens? It is absolutely irresponsible for consumers to expect to 'pass on' the tax burden to foreign sellers, something about 'taxation with representation...' I express my point using a poor wording. What I meant is that if you sell your product in a market that has a certain taxation, the purchasing power of the customer base is reduced. So you should expect to gain less. Also you choose that market, you also should share the taxation problem. However different price are used in different market. That's why russian pay less for example. They don't fix an equal price for everyone and apply taxes based on the country like they should. What actually happen is that they earn the most from country with high taxation, masking it. Even with a VAT of 22% (really bad), euro country should still pay less due to USD/EUR conversion. This doesn't happen. They are charged more.
  12. If you sell a game in a particular market you should expect to gain less per piece due to tax. That's something the publisher should understand. It's not the customer to make up for that and you also cannot mask it using the different money value per country as often happens. Also, usually, the regional price never reflect taxes on that product. The above case is an example, that 30% difference is more than the tax eventually applied to that product. There are publisher with no issue in using the same price for everyone so I don't understand why they cannot do the same.
  13. Adding local currency means that customers could pay in their currency not the they pay differently. GOG is doing currency conversion to give freedom to the customers to pay in their currency to avoid conversion fee by their credit card company and make it easy to understand how much you pay. You can still choose to pay in USD instead of your local currency. The conversion is made as it is and rounded to a more suitable number by GOG (if you chose your currency) or by your credit card company if you pay in usd like always. The purpose is not to make customers pay more. You just need to simply set one price in usd and let GOG do the conversion for you. That's what GOG is trying to push, one price, eventually converted to different currency. GOG has real pricing, where you set local price. That's what you did with broken age. But that's an option GOG allowed to keep shady company/publisher in their catalogue that otherwise wouldn't do that. It's not mandatory if you are honest with your customer. Regional prices are marks of shame. As you can see Costume Quest on GOG has a fair price. You pay the same in every currency. Broken Age does not. Its price is set differently for each currency so for example european pay 5$ more. For nothing. That's why GOG is giving back that difference in store credit, to amend for bad company policy. But you really wish to be remembered as a company that screw their users and be unfair to them? I hope no. And to be clear, on steam your price are unfair too. You charge about 30% more to european users. What you are doing there is not real pricing, is changing the currency simbol while keeping the numeric value the same. How can this even be fair or honest? It's only being greedy masking it with the easiest way to make a (wrong) conversion. But even on steam you could choose fair prices. I remember that some time ago you changed a price of one of your game to a better one because someone made you notice that the price suggested by steam was unfair (as always, they invented 1:1 conversion after all) and you weren't aware. But now you are, so you are doing it on purpose and have no excuse for that. I understand that this is normally a problem when you have a publisher that set the price, but you own your ip so you should be able to avoid this shady practice. Please reconsider.
  14. The wording on steam page is horrible, misleading and also false (you won't get costume quest 1 for free in the second bundle, you actually pay for it but with a discount). Here instead is actually clear on the content of each bundle http://www.costumequest2.com/ The game also is sold with a 1:1 conversion between usd and euro. I wish there was a preorder on GOG too, with fair prices.
  15. As many of you know, today GOG made another big step into greatness adding drm free movies the catalogue. At the same time they improved their policy about fair price adding local currency to help users in paying the way the want. However it also changed the number of games that doesn't use fair price and charge you more depending on the place you live. GOG offers a sort of compensation giving you back some money as store credits (before they where coupons) but that's not enough and it's not fair. I find out that Broken Age now has regional price too, and I find it strange as I believe they where against this kind of things. They also publish the games themself so I don't understand why they are charging people differently. I remember that years ago DF stepped back about the price of Costume Quest on steam because they didn't know that Valve push regional prices and corrected the issue. This time however it's difficult to think they weren't aware as GOG push the other way to avoid regional prices and you have to actively ask of regional price to make that happen. http://www.gog.com/game/broken_age Please, change your mind.
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