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  1. Using the Air Canister on the Knit Buddies when replaying the Ice Cream Avalanche room plays audio for that action, but no subtitles. I was happy to see that the game rewarded me with unique dialog for my stupi... um I mean outside the box thinking though! Who doesn't want to use compressed air like a snowblower to clear away piles of ice cream, sounds like a great idea to me! Buddy 1: "We're stuck in ice cream!" Buddy 2: "We're not drowning!" http://i.imgur.com/n6BPcNP.jpg http://i.imgur.com/TfN1mCu.jpg
  2. When Vella walks down the hill, the little sister will run inside and say "Okay shut up you guys, she's coming!" but if you click on Sugar Bunting in the background as you're walking down the hill, it will interrupt that line to say "No time to go to town now! Get in the house!". Very minor and low priority I'm sure, but it's easy to trigger and possibly miss a line of dialog.
  3. Jupiter - there's a lot of imaginative things an artist could do with a hydrogen atmosphere, this is artist Don Dixon's take on the hydrogen clouds and the liquid hydrogen "surface": Earth (or another planet at that stage in it's life) several billion years from now when the Sun has developed into a red giant and begun to boil away the atmosphere. Another Don Dixon interpretation on this, this might actually count as a "fire level" though sorry!:
  4. Have you tried this? http://quick.mixnmojo.com/software/grim-fandango-setup
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