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  1. yawn

    Raz clay figurine

    Thank you, but......... I still forgot her ears lol!
  2. yawn

    Raz clay figurine

    Hi, here is a new Lili clay model. The old one was to small. This one is about the same size as Raz.
  3. yawn

    Raz clay figurine

    Thank you, very much.
  4. yawn

    Raz clay figurine

    Hi, here is my attempt at making Raz out of some clay. I forgot his backpack and hair. I am sorry.
  5. yawn

    Lili Zanotto clay model

    Thank you for the comment. Yea I agree, the hair should be a more darker reddish purpilish color. I was mixing brown with purple, but just couldn't get the right color tone. I'll probably repaint her hair, when I get some more paint, lol.
  6. Hi, here is my attempt to make a Lili clay figurine. I forgot zee ears.
  7. I agree only the gravediggers(ones with the shovels) look extremely emo. But all the other characters in Ophelia's faction look goth.
  8. Ophelia of course, Drowned Ophelia, and Mangus.
  9. The story, doesnt seem to capture me as well as psychonaut's story did. Psychonauts was good from start to finish. Where as Brutal Legend, falls flat throughout the game especially at the end. Also Brutal Legend doesnt have a cool final boss fight like Psychonauts had. I mean Raz transforming into a giant Raz, made of psycho energy was just plain awesome. Would have been cool if Eddie killed Doviculous, by playing the best metal riff (ever heard)with his guitar, making Doviculo's head explode.,
  10. Both of those tees are striking. My favorite being the second one. Very nice art work, and zaulia looks sexy as hell!
  11. The last generation consloes, that were availble to rent were playstation 2, gamecube, xbox. Hastings and blockbuster told me they stopped. because many consloes were being returned broken.
  12. I am with you on that Cantido I want a Drowning Doom shirt as well. I also want some new Drowning Doom buttons.
  13. Yes I agree "Follow the tears" wouldve been a good song to use.
  14. I think they shouldve played Dio's "Caught in the middle" song in the scene, where ophelia turns into drowned ophelia.
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