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  1. Another obscure weird game is Psygnosis' Blue Ice... which is a completely surreal adventure game from 1995: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbibUYtUNcY There's pretty much only one known (mostly) complete walk though: http://www.the-spoiler.com/OTHER/Psygnosis/blue.ice.3/index.html (which also contains a bit of information about the game's production history). Monster Party for the NES is another strange game where you have a boss fight with a well, a giant tempura shrimp, as well as a mix of actual monsters. Someone posted a full play through without commentary here:
  2. This has already been reported and addressed, it's caused by using a pre-RC8 save with the new patch. The glitch only occurs in that room. http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/12801/ http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/12779/
  3. [edited out - issue was explained as I was posting ]
  4. Just played the RC8 update and the layering issue with the corset straps is still occurring (though the leg layering has been fixed). I attached screen shots of the 2 noticeable layering issues in the cutscene: The closeup image has the strap layering over the front hand and the wider shot has the straps layered behind her entire body.
  5. I heard the same issue with the entire scene, but I noticed there are definitely a handful of lines (especially in the conversations with the girl in yellow with the drumstick) where the dialogue is significantly quieter than the preceding lines. I can go back and give you exact quotes if it would be helpful.
  6. I just had this glitch happen for the first time today, though it does not seem to happen every time I start up my game. I thought I'd mention that it's still occurring in case this bug had been marked as fixed already.
  7. I haven't seen this one posted yet: During the first maiden's feast escape cut scene, the corset "reins" are layered behind her entire body in the shot before Vella flies through the cloud and falls into Meriloft. Vella's legs are also still layered in front of her dress in this shot (which has been reported/has been around since the game was first released). I've attached a screen shot (I only grabbed a section of the screen, but I can go back and grab the whole thing if needed). I've seen this layering issue occur every time I play this section.
  8. This was exactly my thought process when putting the eggs in the basket! Honestly, given the time this team has left before the public release, I doubt we'll see anything changed. This is pretty inconsequential compared to the start/save bugs they've been fixing. However, there is one way I can think of to adjust this puzzle without having to record new lines. Whether or not this is a feasible suggestion depends on how this code has been implemented. Here's how the weight/walking combinations work currently: No Shoes: Slowly sink when standing in one place No Shoes + 1 Egg: Drop like a stone and can't run Shoes: Never sinks Shoes + 1, 2, or 3 Eggs: No change, never sinks My suggestion would be: No Shoes: Same No Shoes + 1 Egg: Same Shoes: Same Shoes + 1 Egg: Same Shoes + 2 Eggs: Work like No Shoes - slowly sink if Vella stays in one place too long Shoes + 3 Eggs: Work like No shoes + 1 Egg - can't run on paths, sink like a stone on the clouds There is a line of dialogue used for the No Shoes + 1 Egg that can be reused for the 2 and 3 egg tiers: When she picks up the egg: "Oh man, this thing is heavy, better stick to the paths when carrying this." When she tries to run while holding an egg + no shoes: "I can't run while I'm carrying heavy, golden eggs. At least, not barefoot." So when picking up eggs 2 and 3 have her say "oh man, this thing is heavy", and when trying to carry 3 eggs say "I can't run while I'm carrying heavy, golden eggs" - it's already pluralized, and there's a clear line break between those two sentences. Again, this might all be a moot point given how long is left to fix some of the bigger issues. I figure it can't hurt to throw out ideas though.
  9. Problem: After playing through the entire game and credits, attempting to load a save from the main menu results in a silent black screen with a moveable mouse cursor from the main menu. I let the game sit for about 10 minutes to see if anything would happen, but I was able to move my mouse the whole time with nothing else loading or changing. I had to force quit out. This seems to be a slightly different crash than the one preventing people from starting the game, as I was able to start the game, play it through in its entirety (loading from saves, restarting, etc.), and never ran into any crashes before this point. Play order: I played almost all of Vella's story continuously first, with a slight detour for the first few minutes of Shay's story (stopped in the convo where you picked his first mission), and then finished all of Shay's story. I allowed the full ending to play through to the end of the credits when the game loops back to the main menu. When selecting a save game after this, I received the hang/crash. Solution: Restarting the game allows me to load saves/start new games, I just replayed the end scene and credits again to see if this crash is repeatable and I was able to load a save afterwards without any hangs. This crash occurred on Friday night, so it may have already been addressed. Since it's not repeatable on my machine, has anyone else run into this issue? My system: OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 840 Ram: 8 GB Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 6700 DirectX: 11
  10. I had the exact same issue with Shay passing through the force field when leaving the containment area.
  11. In a game where there's people living on clouds, you're complaining about physics realism. I think this is less about physics realism and more about conforming to the internal physics the game lays out. The puzzle itself says: the weight of the 3 golden eggs + Vella is enough to break the platform and send it plummeting. So Vella holding all 3 eggs in her inventory would be that same weight, only in a more concentrated area. ... this is pretty minor, but I think it can be considered a bit of a plot hole given the puzzle's clues and solution.
  12. Since the game's characters keep harping on surface area/weight and the handwavy physics of it all, I don't think it's unreasonable for the player to think of this puzzle within that context. I definitely thought the puzzle was grabbing all of the eggs so Vella would fall faster/be too heavy for the bird catcher to carry at first (before I saw the baskets and realized 3 eggs = 3 baskets). Another way to illustrate that without giving away the puzzle as much, or requiring new lines, is having Vella fall through the clouds if she's holding 2-3 eggs at one time. She already does this if you have one egg and no cloud shoes, so it wouldn't be a stretch if she started to sink if she's holding more than one egg while wearing the cloud shoes (since her pounds per square inch greatly increases with each egg ). That way the player can't actually hold on to all of the eggs at one time, which would circumvent the plot hole that she should be falling through with the 3 eggs.
  13. Saw this as well in my game - exact same layering and robe clipping errors.
  14. Same thing happened with me when playing as Shay, removing the crochet hook from the doll and then talking to it - neither characters' mouths moved for the lines "Hey are you feeling better" and the doll's response. This also happens when showing Marek the grabber bot, for all of Shay's lines.
  15. This is happening on my version as well, though the flicker was consistently occurring in two spots: on the word "safe" and right at the end of the statement. The character flipping/flickering seems to sync up with when Marek moves his head on my game. I saved the game here and changed from full screen/full resolution to windowed mode to see if it still occurred, and I found that the flicker only happened this time when Marek was done speaking the first time I clicked the locked door and then did not occur again after that. Switching back to full screen and loading that save again has the glitchiness missing. (this is happening both on the automatic save and the manual save I created). I'm running Windows 7 64bit - I can provide any other info if it would be helpful.
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