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  1. The broad range of adventure gamers make me smile and gets me all fuzzy inside! I for one want to play a game that makes me emotional in the way some movies do. Aside from laughing my ass off and getting heartfully frightened... ... that being said... good luck mixing all three of those!
  2. What sort of mood would you like to see for the game? While Lucasarts early and awesome adventure games like Monkey Island, DOTT, (and so on, and so forth) were undeniable comedies, I shall admit that I find P&C-Games that manage to bring more feelings to me than just laughter. Grim Fandango, while incredibly funny, also had a lot of other moods to it. The Dig was almost only mystery and the thrill of a complete new world. I'm hoping that they'll at least consider making a game for the people who used to love the old P&C-games, that means the mature audience. I'd love to see a game like Gabriel Knight 1, that kept me playing with a heart pulsating for a six hour stretch just to get through to the ending. (And a bit of blood and horror doesn't hurt either) Any thoughts?
  3. Aah, yes. I think I got intrigued by game-making after playing Full Throttle. Of course, I've always been more of a story-wise person than anything else, but I'm working on my programming skills! Game Making. A fine art. A fine art, indeed.
  4. There's not much to go on with the tone of the game (Or the age rating that's being aimed at) so far. I shall admit that considering the mass of P&C-games that have been emerging for the past years, it would be refreshing to see a game that lets the player die... violently... (I feel a bit morbid now) Like Eric said. Dying makes the game more intense, and the idea of having a fairly safe first-half and then slowly and steadily bringing the player into more dangerous situation is a pretty good idea in my book. But again, what Eric said. Games that let you play an hour and then die for a mundane little thing you forgot to do is silly silly silly. I hate such adventure games that (practically) can't be solved without a walkthrough. Of course, the tone of the game says a lot, but if they're aiming for a mature audience (which I'm kiiinda hoping they are), I hope there will be death scenes aplenty!
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