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  1. , I had a blast. I wish DF could fund all their games this way so I could create more elaborate spreadsheets.
  2. Thanks so much, it was very fun tracking the results and it is always a pleasure chatting with such a great community of people.
  3. Final post is up. I embedded the funding chart as well.. Check post #1 of this thread to view final data.
  4. I sure hope there aren't that many trolls signing up on the investment side of things. I can fully understand individuals that have to back out but it is outright evil to "fake" invest with the sole purpose of hurt and manipulation. I chose to invest mainly to help DF as much as possible. I would be sad if I didn't recoup my investment but only because that meant p2 didn't sell well.
  5. We have passed my original projection spreadsheet... I can't say that I am not happy about that...
  6. I slacked on my duties last night, I did take a screenshot and the data is up to date now... I know I am on probation, I await the probationary committee to determine my fate. I humbly apologize for this latest transgression.
  7. Wow, today also looks stellar! I wonder if they will pull in 100k today...
  8. Congrats DF, it's amazing when good things happen to good people.
  9. Forget 120%, how about 200%? I'm disappointed I missed the milestone though. Was busy signing for my house! Haha, Now, that makes me happy.
  10. wow, crazy how fast things change. We are already approaching the projection for today in the spreadsheet... I think it is going to be a great day! Now I can finally stop holding my breath and I can start to look forward to 2PP Videos!!!
  11. That's a great idea, this is the first time I wish I had a twitter account!
  12. Thanks Thnift, My wife just shakes her head at me... It may be due to the fact that I update her on funding progress every chance I get. It has been fun to keep track of the project. I will leave the google doc spreadsheet up once the campaign is over as well, no reason for me to take it down. There is a second sheet on the spreadsheet that shows my original projections without changes. The main spreadsheet has gone through a few revisions.
  13. It may have been reached again however, funding appears to be ripping again!
  14. With the 5th's crazy increase the project may reach funding today! (Crossing fingers)
  15. Wow, unexpected... It looks like it is going to hit the projection! I didn't see that happening today.
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