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  1. I like your pen Tim! And awesome post too by the way. I find it interesting how people work these things out in their heads and their perspective!
  2. My sister had Conquests of Camelot when I was really young and I would fiddle around with it from time to time. I think there were a couple others from around that era that I tried to play, but really never made a whole lot of progress on them as I was more into consoles and platform based games than adventure games. The first one that I really truly remember beating was Blazing Dragons for the Playstation. Thinking back on that game now I believe that the name was quite apt.
  3. Tribes: Ascend. Having more fun in a 'mostly' free game than those I have dropped money for recently.
  4. That was cool, and a heart warming first episode. I also must say the production quality is fantastic, props to the documentary team.
  5. I backed to help Double Fine's endeavors as they have proven to be a company I feel is worth my support. Being a part of this section of community for me is just a bonus really. I know traditionally games are held back until they are ready to be shown to the public, but does this really apply to this scenario? I don't see a huge point to trying to keep the lid on everything, which realistically is impossible anyways and a wasted effort with the number of people involved here. Perhaps a middle ground would be a better route: discourage relaying information to the general population, but release milestones pertaining to the games' development.
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