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  1. The only times I've felt a vertical box was the way to go was if there was just way to much to fit in the regular box. Things like the battle chests blizzard would make for collections of series. If there is so much stuff the box would need to be deeper and and end up a cube I would go wide. I just find wide to be the most inconvenient of the choices.
  2. I'm going to have to vote vertical. It has the classic feel, as well as not being a pain in the butt to fit on the self with other games/books/dvds/other such self items, and those are two things I look for in items that I enjoy.
  3. After finishing with Shay the game jumped back to the dead eye pyramid entrance, but the girls were gone. (this was before I had even spoken to them) Left to see if the would come back if I left the screen and came back. most of Shellmound and its characters were gone, as well as Vella's head. Upon going back to the pyramid entrance they were still gone and I had just noticed the water layer was gone from the background. Tried talking to where they had been and the conversation started to play with a floating tear gas gun threatening a headless Vella. Sorry, no screenshots. Quit the game and everything went back to the way it was supposed to be. Have not been able to reproduce. Other than that the only glitch that I noticed was some of the ice cream avalanche survivors not moving their mouths when they are talking while playing cards.
  4. Anyone else getting a "sorry but the creator of this video has not given you permission to view this from this domain" or am I just "Special"?
  5. Another look into the creative process that goes into games from one of my favorite game companies. I'm sold. Now all there is for me is figuring out which amazing cover to go with. Hmm... (as he strokes his beard in deep contemplation)
  6. I like this one. I first played the original flash game that this is a sequel to about the time the double fine kickstarter went up. I was excited when I heard a second one was coming out and that excitement went up ten fold when I saw some of the art style and game-play. I'm a little sad at how little time they have to raise the money, but I wish them luck.
  7. Aah! Why'd you have to tell me people were recieving these already! Now I'm excited. I need to go hide in the mailbox until the mailman comes now.
  8. Aah! Why'd you have to tell me people were recieving these already! Now I'm excited. I need to go hide in the mailbox until the mailman comes now.
  9. While I do like the idea, I don't personally feel there is enough here for me to back it. I don't feel like this game has much personality so far. I do like reinvented fairy-tales. Should they show the main character in some form other than silhouette or the world given a bit more "dynamic" feel, I'd be glade to help it.
  10. An inside-out world. People walking on the inside crust and will fall into space if they dig outward. A mix of buildings old and new going from the ground "upward" to reach the other side of the world as a shortcut. A tangled mess of girdered elevators and stone stairs and slides make up the center of the "sky" where the buildings from all over the world meet. ... Am I over thinking this?
  11. Pausing in cut-scenes is something I do enjoy greatly. There have been times where I need to do something right now but accidentally skip a scene and have no idea what's going on once the action starts. It has been the cause of problems more than once.
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