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  1. Codecombat is another game in development http://codecombat.com/ which is more specifically targeting programmer education. They have a level editor and are actively interested in community contributions. Since its based more on discrete levels, rather than the continuous dungeon and story of Hack 'n' Slash, it's probably easier for them to integrate extra levels at the moment. Although they apparently have plans for introducing more of a campaign style eventually. It also has some design challenges on providing content for both novices (most of its current focus), and more experienced programmers. They only have one challenge puzzle implemented so far.
  2. AND WITH THIS INCANTATION I OPEN THE CHAMBERS OF WISDOM. A bit slow since was at work before I could work on it, then wanted to replicate most of the steps myself with minimal reference to forum - even though couldn't resist reading during the day. From my time in debugger seems like the game had pregenerated the expected response based on 'something' before it actually waits for the user input. The first thing it was looking for was a string of length 56 before it went on to (presumably) do a string comparison to something I saw in memory. Might do a bit more looking later. Doesn't seem to match any of the complete strings in another part of memory so guessing something assembles fragments from different strings, or that was a red herring. WITH THIS INCANTATION I OPEN THE LOCK CLASPED SIMPLY TO PROVIDE OPPORTUNITY FOR DEMONSTRATION OF MY POWER. AND WITH THIS INCANTATION I DO DECLARE THAT BIRTHRIGHT HAS NO STANDING IN THE CHAMBERS OF WISDOM. Is this is end of AF2012 games for now? Remaining leads Andy and Levi seem to be occupied with other projects, while Lee's involvement in Autonomous for Leap seems to have been minimal.
  3. THIS is the sausage factory at work. The vast majority of projects in game industry or elsewhere hit this point and have to choose to either go overbudget, overtime, reduce quality, or some combination of those. Software development in general is still a fairly immature industry and good estimates remain really hard to do. Since the optimal future of double fine depends on this project not just being an ok adventure game, but doing so well that it could fund future projects they simply can't underdeliver on the quality, so need either alot more money or a bit more money and a bit more time. I'm not sure if this game has the potential to approach GOTY status based on what we've seen, but we can be sure if they were to deliver on just half of Tim's vision then its not as likely to reach far beyond their core audience, many of which already paid during kickstarter.
  4. Sign of life last week from @GregRicey on twitter https://twitter.com/GregRicey/status/296489189967540224 Sounds like things are improving?
  5. There is still another puzzle left at that point that is only available after the regular game ending. So despite the credits rolling its just AN ending, not THE end.
  6. Was probably one of the first times for me where I felt the credits were going too fast LOL Trying to catch the names and remember all cool people from AF. Of course then the endless Sega list started.
  7. You can use the normal arrow keys if you have them, although the action keys won't be all that convenient. Otherwise unfortunately the keys are hardcoded in the game scripts. However since its all in the lua part you can theoretically decompile the files and replace the mappings. For example a replaced direction mapping in HeroCharacter.lua would look like: if isDown(MOAIKeyboardSensor.UP) or isDown("z") then ny = ny + 1 end if isDown(MOAIKeyboardSensor.DOWN) or isDown("s") then ny = ny - 1 end if isDown(MOAIKeyboardSensor.LEFT) or isDown("q") then nx = nx - 1 end if isDown(MOAIKeyboardSensor.RIGHT) or isDown("d") then nx = nx + 1 end However you'd need to go change a few other files as well since that if that's the bindings you use it would stuff up the usual binding of the 'Q' key, which is used in Inventory.lua to trigger the cable item and possibly in a few of the Dialog functions.
  8. I think you'll probably have other problems due to missing the MOAI c++ changes to support the full save/load. The main file that fails to decompile is SaveLoad.lua which Df Paul du Bois has posted elsewhere, however there are a few more scattered minor issues. Like the monster.lua file randomly is missing a bit of the AI code.
  9. Welcome to the forums, Go watch episode 5. At around 6:07 "I think there's going to have to be a signature piece, for sure...or two halves of a signature piece..." Going to be interesting to see how it works.
  10. While contributing artwork or code sounds useful at first, in reality could well involve pretty marginal productivity improvements if any, and would be likely to slow things down overall - see Mythical Man Month. We already saw in the last episode they were having difficultly in applying the 'Bagel filter' everywhere when Lee/Levi/etc were doing final art, with random people off the internet this is likely to be much worse. Discussion, training, supplying tools, etc is much harder. I think it would consume significant art direction time from Lee/etc to provide detailed instructions, feedback, and retouching or largely repainting artwork to fit their needs. Similar issues exist for programming, they'd need to work out how to package their tools for the world (something that they're already considering, but in this case would necessarily consume Reds resources), how to give access to their source code, build extra review processes, depend on external resources they can't control, need to provide much more detailed instructions to people not used to working off Tim's writing and with their engine, and still also possibly need to rework contributions to fit their own style guidelines, and various other issues. While it sounds fun to me too to work on their project, in my opinion trying to take on all these obstacles during this project would be a net drain on the project, not a benefit. I think the best options would be to decrease scope, and if they find enough extra money add team members from people finishing up on MMOJ/The Cave/Kinect Party. Also changing plans yet again when they already made some decisions 1-2 months ago seems crazy, unless other things come up.
  11. Looks like a good fix, works for me. There's a remaining issue of constant rather than temporary lines in the castle main room, but looks like that's due to a texture issue. In CastleInterior_BlingExtended02.png the 3rd tile down on the left doesn't extend properly into pixels 0-1. Unless its an intended artistic effect, not sure.
  12. You need to reach a certain point in the game before you can use it. The genie will say he's giving it to you, and the cable icon will appear in the lower right corner. Despite the cable's visual presence on the player model you can't use it until then.
  13. Umm hasn't iOS been included since early on as one of the initial stretch goals. And I think the game was seen on an iPad during the 2PP episode covering the art jam. Not sure if much has been said about how well it will work on smaller sceens though.
  14. I like how with this puzzle you guys are giving them multiple contradictory sets of hints - all of which are still correct. Go ahead and follow BoltR or Klink or any others. But probably not too useful to try to work out some common logic thread between them - there is something in common but it's more behind the scenes.
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