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  1. RC8 before the weekend?

    Impressive amount of bugs fixed since launch. Nice job. Might have to do another play through with the updated version.
  2. Spying with Google Analytics

    I use ghostery and noscript, they block google analytics and a bunch of other stuff when browsing. Double fine, I'd appreciate an opt-out, a simple checkbox in the settings would be nice.
  3. Serious framedrops

    Yeah same here i5 2500k 8gb ram gtx 770
  4. Yeah I got it too, not complaining though
  5. Getting stuttering and low framerates when dragging items from the inventory over hotspots in this scene: i5 2500k 8gb ram gtx 770 Also noticed some framerate issues at the end of the maiden feast scene using the corset on the bird. dxdiag: Edit: Seems to be an issue when using a high mouse polling rate (mine was 1000hz), fix is coming, see here