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  1. 04/04/17 - Amnesia Fortnight 2017!

    I'm really excited, I can't wait for the pitches.
  2. I signed up to hear more info about the investor side as a non-accredited investor and last email I got said 4-6 weeks from Jan 25. Anyone hear back and I didn't make the cut or still pending? I hope it works out in either case.
  3. Ah, found it. Turned on javascript and there's an ebook button at the bottom, then it'll let me download. Thanks!
  4. Backer Blu-ray Production Status

    How many blank BluRay disks are you going through to test? Seems like it might add up. Thanks for all your hard work!
  5. This book is great! How can I get my copy, I redeemed the code on dark horse (had to create an account! ugh), but it only lets me view it, I can't get my book! Any help on where the download button is? It's such a nice book, looking forward to my boxed set showing up. Thanks!
  6. Fig investing - what's going on with that side?

    And I just got an update in my email. Close that loop. Thanks!
  7. Funded!

    The fig.co campaign hit 100%! YAY.
  8. Headlander Q&A with Lee and the team

    Theme song of this thread? Mr. Lee (the Bobbettes)? Also, Kee, will there be any Middle Manager easter eggs?
  9. Partnership with Adult Swim Games

    Alright, congrats lee! You guys got to make it I love the logo. This looks like a lot of fun.
  10. Episode 20: We Did Our Job

    I think i'm feeling some post-backer depression. It's over. So long, and thanks for all the fun. QRJ38y4Jn6k
  11. Episode 20: We Did Our Job

    Enjoying the episode right now, Here's one for the shippers out there...
  12. DF Game Club Hiatus

    Gameclub is the bees knees. I've met Khris Brown, Pen Ward, tons of DF staff and lots of great adventure fans to nerd out and talk games. I'll be on the IRC when I can. Enjoy the break Cheese & all the DFGC helpers! Bon Voyage!
  13. Massive Knowledge documentary

    Watched ep 1 of MASSIVE KNOWLEDGE and really enjoyed it. I like some of the editing to make Tim "I trust him to know what he's doing" go up against Brad's "I had no idea what I was doing", but obviously he's done it. Congrats on release and looking forward to the other episodes.
  14. Behind the scenes video game footage makes me think of turning on Noclip mode and walking behind the scenery where you see the void and all the negative geometry.
  15. Honestly, I want them to do something I've never heard of, never knew I wanted it until I saw it, full of artistic integrity and them get Mojang level money for it. I'm a man of simple requests.
  16. Probably more like a 'being there' (1979) kind of story. See you June 31. Press F to pay respects....
  17. Release Schedule: Middle Manager of Justice 2 - The Peter Principle - iOS - 6/31/15 Psychonauts 1.5 - The adventures of Mr. Pokeylope - 6/31/15 Brütal Legend 2 - The Revenge of Kabbage Boy - Gameboy Advance - 9/31/15 Steed: A neigh-bor in need - Ouya - 9/31/15 Ron Gilbert Presents Monkey Island 3 - IBM/Tandy - 11/31/15
  18. Music score, doesn't mean anything?

    *spoilers*, I think you're supposed to see how similar it is to the nav chart that vella finds and modify the space weaver's plan to that. to head back to shellmound and escape ****.
  19. Initially had the directions flipped. Great puzzles, could have built whole mobile games around many of them.
  20. Dev's Play

    I'm not even a huge fan of this game, but it was a very good learning experience. We don't get much insight into the development process of japanese developers, especially at big companies. I'm glad people like Iga and Keiji Inafune are willing to talk about these games to a western audience even if it's to promote another game. Thanks 2pp and Ben! What a rare treat.
  21. *SPOILERS* the thrush have had a a few cycles to gain knowledge, most teenages chafe at the childish things so it's fairly predictable I imagine
  22. What shall we do with these boards?

    I think the backer updates posted here should be preserved cause the only other place they are is kickstarter. Merge or preserve read only I guess are fine either way.
  23. Do review scores for separate experiences have the additive property necessary for your averaging theorem to work or are the experiences distinct? Math snarkyness aside, I wonder how people who only play the one experience will view it differently than those of us who split it up over a year?
  24. Retail Nordic Release

    Hi Guys, I've already played and beaten, but I ordered the Nordic copy from the link off Amazon and despite being past release day, Amazon still shows 'order received' and no shipping info. Is everything okay there?
  25. I only revoke my horizontal vote for a Hexipal shaped box. Hexagons. It's what's for dinner!