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  1. I've looked over the border a bit just to check. Doesn't seem to be anything out of place. Reading file border.png... 89 50 4e 47 0d 0a 1a 0a PNG Header found... Chunk: Length 13 Type IHDR Width 1336 Height 775 bits per channel: 8 color type: 6 Chunk: Length 25 Type tEXt keyword: Software text : Adobe ImageReady Chunk: Length 802 Type iTXt keyword: XML:com.adobe.xmp Chunk: Length 104435 Type IDAT Chunk: Length 0 Type IEND Size of buffer 4142375 Seems like it was just made in Adobe ImageReady. My barebones PNG writer saves a 86 KB file, so 103 KB doesn't seem too suspicious.
  2. That's the encryption method, once we find the password AND the encrypted dataset (which I believe is the one in the announcement) you can run the dataset through openssl using the encryption method aes-256-cbc and with the password you'll get the actual content. Would the encrypted dataset be the audio for the video?
  3. I saw whether any images might have cleverly been encoded in the spectograph of the audio, didn't come up with anything though. Did you try looking at it as if it was a magic eye? It would follow if they tried to do the stereo thing there as well, given the message.
  4. Has anyone done a spectograph of the outdoors.mp4 audio yet? That's probably not just white noise.
  5. Yeah, I was just about to post similar results The way I'm going about it is to substitute each glyph for a letter, like so: ABCD BE DFG DHAG IG BJKL CGG DFG DFHJMC DFND IG GOPGQD DB And then run it through a solver like this which automatically attempts the frequency analysis stuff because I'm lazy: http://rumkin.com/tools/cipher/cryptogram-solver.php And from there it's pretty easy to derive the correct letter for each glyph. But I need to sleep soon. Sweet. I'll start on doing the first part automatically via image comparison. See if anyone beats me by hand, John Henry style.
  6. So as I was saying I have 84 individual lines from the video message in my Dropbox. All you have to do is change the url. EDIT: Removed dropbox links to individual lines Once we have a clear alphabet we could split up decoding them.
  7. Here's my attempt to make the glyphs stand out (Sorry for making you scroll): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/43016277/hacknslash_script_delta.jpg
  8. Nice. Working on that algorithmically myself. That's the old image, however; its missing a few lines. Check the updated version.
  9. Here is the text frames cropped from the video Outdoors.mp4 in the order they appear. UPDATE 3: I made a black and white version of this, which you can see in a later post on the next page. UPDATE: I did a less naive color distance algorithm for detecting frames with text and it turns out I was missing some frames. Dropbox image will update as I double check my work. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/43016277/hacknslash_script.jpg
  10. I'm working on extracting the text cleanly from the video for people to transcript.
  11. I think that's because its not a zip, that's a red herring. I changed the file extension to .rar and was able to extract the files with 7zip.
  12. "I mean, you have plants in this building that are poisonous, you picked them because they look good, but these are aggressive living things that have no idea what century they're in, and they'll defend themselves, violently if necessary." Sorry, actual answer: Florescent plants that glow glowing fruit of various colors. They could double as an area light source, and the florescence could be a sign of general health and maturity.
  13. I just got into Gravity Falls, and I realized it would be a great fit for the Costume Quest universe. If you haven't heard of Gravity Falls, you should go check it out this minute, its awesome! The show follows the lives of two twin siblings, Dipper and Mabel Pines, and their adventures in the sleepy town of Gravity Falls that is home to a lot of colorful characters and spooky mysteries. The town loves Halloween so much, they celebrate it twice a year, only in Summer its called "Summerween" and they use Watermelons instead of Pumpkins. After seeing all this I was immediately reminded of the wonderful Costume Quest, and I thought it would be a incredibly super duper cool if Double Fine teamed up with Disney Television Animation and made a cross-over sequel that took place during Summerween featuring the Gravity Falls characters. I'm certainly not suggesting Costume Quest was lacking character, far from it. I just noticed that its sense of humor fit so well with the Gravity Falls franchise that I could immediately picture the marriage in my head. It would be great to both see a good Gravity Falls game and a sequel to Costume Quest. Just a thought, be gentle. At the very least I've clued you all onto a cool show, and maybe given you a new reason to boot Costume Quest during the summer. R DZMG GL XVOVYIZGV HFNNVIDVVM
  14. I completed a playthrough too! Very cool. The shader work is excellent and the overall look has this feel of 80s print ads for computing. I don't know about setting waypoints for robots as suggested here, but a simple "follow player" option on the heads would make it much easier to get a new bot to the action. Awesome work!
  15. I miss the giant bubbles... Awesome stuff! Really coming together.
  16. Just saw this can it reminded me of the project: http://aurellem.org/vba-clojure/html/total-control.html
  17. I can't believe no one linked Buggy Saints Row : The Musical (Edit : Not as funny as I remembered it) Otherwise, Missing No. from Pokemon Red and Blue will always been dear to my heart.
  18. I really love the title screen music! The heavy bass gives it this chilling quality, which contrasts nicely the retro sounding melody. I think that's perfect for a game with a cute airy appearance that hides powerful secrets.
  19. I put this in the character design page already. I think they should name her Star - as in the asterisk symbol used in programming to 'link' to data. So it references both Zelda and programming.
  20. If there's still no name for the heroine, I've got a good one. Star Sounds pretty, and it references both the programming and Zelda inspirations for the game. The main character of Zelda is Link, which refers to the link between the player and the game world. Star is another name for the asterisk symbol, used in c-like programming languages to denote pointers to data in memory, or in other words a link to said data. So a pretty nerdy reference but that probably makes it all the more fitting. Tell me what you think!
  21. I voted for lots of the prototypes! I really wanted Brad Muir's piledriver concept to get in the top four, because I love his energy. Hack n' slash is really interesting because I'm surprised it hasn't been done already. I imagine that's because it's really challenging to surfaces all that to the player. Good luck with that! I like White Birch and Black Lake because I'm a sucker for atmosphere. But I love all the ideas and I know whatever comes out of this will be crazy and inspired! (sent from my wii u game pad)
  22. Totally. Not sure where those reins are coming from, though.
  23. I think of these the one I like the most is P. I like the pixie cut, and the feature, and that flapper dress. Could inform an entire village with a soft art-deco, 1920s inspiration.
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