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  1. I just came onto the forum to propose a radial menu at the cursor, but I see you guys have already beat me to the punch with mock-ups! The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav has a menu at the cursor that you scroll through. I don't like that as much, I think it should be slots like you guys have suggested.
  2. I'd say that I really burned out on dialogue puzzles in the TellTale games. Going though dialogue at random until you go down the correct branch in the phone tree isn't very engaging. Also, I feel like its poisonous to the experience to encourage me to pick every dialogue option until all permutations have been spoken. Locking me into dialogue choices keeps the narrative feeling natural.
  3. The homestar runner games were fanatic, love Peasant's Quest
  4. Frankly I just don't want to see it torn apart by 80 thousand horses. We all have little pet peeves and there's little they could do to make us all happy and they shouldn't try. I gave Double Fine my money to make a game. I didn't give them money so I could play back-seat game designer. I don't mean to sound harsh, I'm just seriously concerned that in-fights between backers are going to be destructive rather than constructive.
  5. Luke Skywalker is the least of what the guy has done. (Although the Star Wars fans seem to think otherwise) He's actually a very good voice actor who works on both cartoon series and videogames. He's the go to guy for the Joker's voice in batman games/series. He was Fire lord Ozai in Avatar: the last airbender series. And that's just a few of his voice acting works. Look him up on imdb. I don't think he works for some kind of "I'm a star" pay. Now, if he (or other specific voice actors) fits the game.. that's a different question and we won't know that until the production has begun. I was just throwing out some voice acting names that people might know. He's also the voice of a character in Full Throttle, so he's got a connection to Tim's work. Trouble is that he's finished doing the Joker character, so he may be retiring from voice work. Maybe they could get him for this project for old times sake?
  6. I don't want to touch this decision with an orbital pole. A space pole, if you will, such as one that may support a space elevator. This has been touched on in the thread already, but this is probably the most difficult and important decision Tim and co. will make. It's the back bone of the entire thing, and we don't want an invertebrate adventure! So all I can say is good luck, and I'm right behind you (backing, as it were).
  7. I'm actually not interested. I just don't play games based on the old hours played / money spent formula. Journey might just be my game of the year, and while I have gotten four four plays out of it, its as short as the day is long. If the game does what it sets out to do, has an awesome story arch and a series of mentally taxing puzzles, mission accomplished.
  8. If Ghost Trick counts, than that's the answer hands down. Hands down! However, its not really pure point-and-click. It's more of a variant of Pipe Dream (rearrange these pieces to change the flow of an element before time runs out) with amazing rotoscoped animation and a crazy cool story. Maybe I'm just thinking to hard about categorization, but I'm frankly a bit confused to see so many backers naming it. Perhaps we're beyond clicking things with verbs? I really liked Hotel Dusk: Room 215, the Phoenix Wright series, the Layton series and Trace Memory for the DS. Amazing puzzles in Trace, including one that asks you use pepper's ghost (screen reflect) to merge the image on the two and bottom screens! So inventive. The other games I mention have great stories, but the puzzles are often highly removed from the world. I still need to get back to Machinarium, and I need to start Gemini Rue. What I've seen and played is great, though. However, Gemini Rue could have used better voice. So really dogs in the cast. If I name one Telltale game, it'd be Sam and Max season one. That actually grabbed me and got me through it, but I burned out quickly on that telltale Telltale style (um... yeah). Very sorry I bought Jurassic Park, so disappointing.
  9. I'm not sure which was first, but I played a few text adventures on an apple IIe Let's say it was Sherlock : The Riddle of the Crown Jewels You played as Watson. I remember you could type 'shoot holmes' and that would end the game.
  10. Seems to me that length is an element of puzzle difficulty. For instance, a Myst game can be pretty long, even when there are only a handful of areas, because the puzzles are very difficult (at least from my perspective). I don't think people complain about length if they had their fill of the it, and so that just means the puzzles that are in the game have to be challenging. Perhaps the game could be designed so that you can set how much hinting you want, and if you turn off all hinting, you get less clues, even less in-world clues, and the puzzles become very challenging. Maybe there's even completely different variations of puzzles which replace the standard variate on the hardest difficulty. That's just my two cents, anyway.
  11. Not sure if there's a lot of GiantBomb fans who are backing, but I'd really like to see Jeff Gerstmann take a stab at voice acting. He's a video game journalist, but if you've seen any of his video content he's very funny and great at ad lib. I think he'd be able to do a good consistently funny voice for a bit part.
  12. Man, we're already arguing over how we'll be represented in the credits! It's like we're real game developers! That's a really nice idea. Why do credits auto-scroll in video games anyway. I've got a mouse! Let me sing the scroll-wheel song.
  13. I wanted a poster! In all serious, I've been really impressed by Double Fine, and if they want to tackle a pure point-and-click in 2012 I want to be the first to support it. It helps that I got started playing text adventure games on an Apple IIe, and I was tearing up a bit at the Art of Video Games Exhibit at the American Art Gallery yesterday, where you can play Secret of Monkey Island and Myst in the context of their often overlooked artistic merit.
  14. I share your concern, and admittedly small games which use 3D graphics tend to be a bit simplistic. However, hasn't Double Fine shown that they can make beautiful 3D graphics? Look at Stacking, which has simple characters but uses richly detailed textures and careful use of post-processing to produce stunning visuals. That said, I don't think 3D added anything useful to the pure point-and-click over the years. It's not as obvious that it saves on animation time as it is in other genres. We don't expect moving cameras and every room should be unique and so there is very little opportunity for asset reuse. Additionally, navigation didn't improve. The telltale games are fun, but the way the camera rotates to reveal the room as you lead your character is very unnatural feeling. It seems more elegant to simply have a single image for each area and pan. Obviously, the developers can still create a 3D engine to take advantage of fun graphical trickery possible with shaders and particles. But I'll agree that it would seem that a pure point-and-click would be better served using hand-drawn art. That's a bit more difficult when launching on PC with the expectation of 1080p or higher, but there it is.
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