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  1. Thanks very much! the only reason I was asking is, due to our download situation in Australia its not feasible for me to stream it! Thanks for the answer much appreciated
  2. Hey guys it might just be a typo. But on kickstarter the level i pledged at says i would get a blu ray / dvd of the documentary however the humble bundle link says Your purchase of Broken Age $100 Tier gets you: Exclusive access to the Beta on Steam Broken Age, cross-platform and DRM-free A Steam key for Broken Age, Windows, Mac and Linux Digital Broken Age soundtrack Digital documentary soundtrack Documentary digital download Digital art book just want to make sure i will still receive the blu ray? Thanks Loved the game cant wait for ACT 2.
  3. sucks but unfortunately theres more pirates then good people out there
  4. how about (ill go local) the inside of Ayers Rock (google it if you arent sure) its a huge rock in the middle of Australia proclaimed by the Aboriginals. Also in the town of Alice Springs, they actually live underground to avoid the heat, so you could use an underground sort of town (tho this has been done before)
  5. I appreciate the explanation, i am not after a refund as like i said i was happy to support the games as i love all your games. The poster just seemed rushed, id have preferred to have waited till release and got something "Special" then whether it was this artists take on the main characters or something. I don't think the logo with the goggles would of looked as amazing as something taken from the game and original art piece etc. EDIT: im in the process of framing the poster as like you said its a one of a kind thing, i just don't like the fact that i know it could of been a lot better.
  6. exactly, its not like i think anybody was in a rush for this stuff.
  7. i thought i made it clear when i said i was happy to wait till there was art
  8. the image will most likely be used at the loading screen for the main menu. that's about it's connection to the game id say.
  9. i was donating for the game, but then when i saw that i could get a t-shirt, and a cool poster i thought they deserved my money so i pledged higher. i wont lie, i pledged higher for the rewards as i assumed they would be awesome. the only people who pledged higher who didn't care about the awards have A LOT more money than i do, or are lying.
  10. i guess my major complaint is just the fact the poster and merchandise just has nothing to do with the game besides some writing which really takes away from the painting DOUBLE FINE ADVENTURE it feels rushed. ill gladly send them $50 more if they send me an equal quality print of the game with its lead character and a background. There cost to do that is probably 5 minutes in photoshop after the characters are created and the paper its printed on. as thats what i expected and i want to continue to see good things come from this company, i still to this day play DOTT and MI over and over again, i have them on my phone via SCUMMVM and have the boxes still on my shelves and will have them till i die. I even enjoyed Brutal Legend (lol)
  11. i understand it was painted by a professional but really, i dont want to take away from doublefine ill repeat i LOVE every game you have ever made and own them all legit and will continue too, but who couldnt paint that? an existing logo with some red and yellow bars? i guess i just expected something more unique for the money i paid. I wanted something to symbolize the game i invested in, so far nothing i received even points to this project really. How hard would it of been to delay the shipments (i doubt anyone would of cared as the game is the prize) and make a painting of eg; the lead characters? or even the tshirt have the game title or logo on it? i guess i just expected more from how much the company relied on its fans.
  12. sorry i guess i wasn't to pleased with the laziness in the poster after i have them over 100 dollars for a game more than likely released for $10 if i had of seen the poster earlier i would of voiced my complaints immeadiately
  13. unfortunately not all of us could keep up to date with every update. i was just sold on the high quality poster of the game i was promised and the posted delivered just seems like a cop out, i love double fine and everything they do but thought this was a bit cheap on those who supported so strongly for a game they knew nothing about
  14. got mine today in Australia thanks. all arrived fine my only problem was aesthetic not physical as i posted about but thanks for fast shipping and safe
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