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  1. I'm playing this game again just because I finally received the physical release in the mail from iam8bit, so I figure why not, it's one of my favorite games. Last time I played I seemed to have run into the same bug as I did now, except I'm not absolutely sure if it is a bug. I wasn't sure what I did last time so I reloaded a save from Year 1. But now I can consistently reproduce it. Also not sure if this is in the original release at all. I can't seem to find anyone who has mentioned this except one guy on Reddit that had no response to solve it. So this is what happens: When you talk to Nick in the high rollers lounge when you have to get him to leave his cigarette case by flattering him and saying you want the best lawyer, then talking to him again and finally bringing up telling Max and him and Olivia. That's what's supposed to happen. However if you do what I do sometimes and try to hear all the lines of dialogue possible before saying the right thing in the conversation, it seems like you can't finish the game if you offend Nick in the midst of flattering him AND run out of things to say you need a lawyer for. So let's say you exhausted all three options in the conversation on why you need a lawyer (not the dunking booth one), and then say something like any mouthpiece will do or make the lawyer joke last. After that the next time you talk to Nick and tell him you need a lawyer, he will tell you people only need lawyers for status, which seems to be the only way to hear this dialogue. However what happens after that bit of dialogue is it completely exits the conversation and zooms out to the wide shot of the tables with Manny standing there and you have control of the character again. If you keep trying no matter what you can't seem to get to the dialogue options where you can threaten Nick by telling Max about Olivia. Just the same status speech over and over. Is there a bug where it's not supposed to exit the conversation there and you get the same options to flatter Nick? Are you supposed to do something else and come back if you blow the conversation? Is there something you have to use if you end up doing this in the course of the conversation? No walkthrough seems to mention everything else but I get the feeling not many try to say all of the wrong things on a very obvious choice. Was this always like this in the original? I guess these forums are a ghost town but if anyone who is more knowledgeable about the game than me sees this, I'd be pretty curious to know.
  2. I'll have to remember to try this when I get back to finishing my commentary playthrough!
  3. Limited Run is legit though. I wouldn't want any of these remasters to be released through them though. They aren't kidding about limited runs and they are generally just purchased in bulk by scalpers looking to make $200 on eBay a few months later.
  4. Hey I heard of someone else who ran into this bug on the Idlethumbs forums and they said they were able to get back to the ramp by waiting on a full run through of the Mine Road all the way back to the Cavefish entrance. Give that a shot maybe? I myself did try that and going back to the major highway, however I skipped all of the driving parts constantly until I made it back to the lair, so maybe that nullified my attempts to get past the bug.
  5. I finished this the other day and while I'm very happy I did notice some stuff that occasionally annoyed me, like parts in backgrounds where the pixelization wasn't fixed or it seems there's at least one animator that drew the characters weird or just didn't grasp anatomy well. I suspect this person did the main menu character art, which I really don't like. Luckily though almost all of the important drawings and cutscene animations are solid and very faithful to the anatomy of the characters. I'm also super surprised how faithful and great looking these 3D models came to be. All lighting issues are fixed and they look right at home in the 2D graphics. When I switch back and forth I can really see how above all else the 3D models in the original game really date it. Awesome stuff. However I came here because something weird was up because especially nearer to the end I felt scenes were kind of ending abruptly or didn't seem to have the same emotional impact. And now that I see the list in this thread, the big reason for that is definitely because the music just keeps cutting out on scenes ending which I did not remember being a part of the original game. So please please please patch this above all else Double Fine! It really messes with the flow of the cutscenes when music can't fade out or transition properly. Also man if someone could fix Ben's fingers to be in front of the 3D bike model on the road that would be great.
  6. I ran into this bug too and I had to reload a save from earlier. I was just trying to see if the Cavefish said anything if you just moved the ramp but didn't take it. You can't go back to where the ramp is either on or off your bike. If you leave to the Mine Rd. or even to the main highway with the bridge and everything and come back, you still can't reenter the part of the cave with the ramp. I definitely think it's been introduced into the new version as I don't remember this bug. Then again I may have never tried just moving the Cavefish ramp and leaving.
  7. I love all of Ben's punching and dance moves in that trailer. Did he even smile in Full Throttle? I remember no such thing. On the thread, I am just curious if there will be boxed releases of any of these remasters. Maybe just in Europe like how Monkey Island SEs were released there?
  8. The documentary was great all the way until the end, thanks 2PP. I was tearing up a little on the second to last episode. That bonfire footage, oh man. I still have a ton of extras and commentary to go through, this'll be in my blu-ray player for a while. Unfortunately Act 1 was somewhat spoiled for me because
  9. Sorry to ride your coattails Cecil, I'm too afraid to start a new thread but I also came here to say thanks for Broken Age. I just finished it at 4 am today, finally had time to go through to the end and it's such a strange and special game, not what I was expecting and I definitely felt like the characters had grown to be different people from the beginning. I guess it accomplished what the documentary said and that is important. I think a lot of my friends who know how big of a Tim Schafer fan I am think I'm kind of stupid for waiting this long but I seriously wanted to just open that fresh boxed copy and put the disc in the drive. I guess I have backwards priorities but oh well, I actually feel more isolated in playing it without anyone to really actively chat about it with at this point and it seemed like it enhanced the atmosphere in service of the game. And I don't know, I've had a really rough year or two (but who hasn't lately?) so it really hit the spot. Also I didn't cheat for once on an adventure game. It's sort of been a while since I've done that. I suppose it's because Daedalic Games could certainly be designed better in some cases. Also I feel like a huge jerk for griping on this forum months ago for the blu-rays taking so long. I'm sorry everyone. I was actually going through the documentary first because it's easier to sit and watch instead of playing something sometimes but I had to stop where I did originally when they were released online because of spoilers, but it's definitely a gem. My wife understands way more I think why Tim Schafer/Double Fine games mean a lot to me when she can actually see the people behind this stuff. Anyway, on to that copious amount of commentary while I leave it in the background when I do dishes, hooray!
  10. Oh I didn't pledge enough for the art book, I did recently receive the Dark Horse published one though. Still no game or documentary blu-rays but I suppose it should be out in the next few months though checking the 2PP thread.
  11. I hate to say it, but honestly guys this is getting pretty ridiculous. Are these going to ship this year?
  12. Hey if any of you guys are still reading, I figured out how you can still get the achievements. I thought I had gotten the Facebook achievements years back but it turns out I missed I'm Your Huckleberry. But what I did was disconnect my router in the middle of the share error code and then the achievement just popped up. I'm not sure at what point you can disconnect it but I did it on the screen where it shows 0x83810899. Then reconnect your router and you're good. You can't disconnect your internet connection before starting the game however because the share button will not be there.
  13. Is it the sharper angled edges on the new fonts? That's not how I imagined them but I thought they were cool. Was wondering if I could download the new ones honestly, could probably make good use of them. Did want to be able to speed up the text though, because I play with voices and text and it was making some parts wait for the text to finish like the evil green talking to Purple in the future.
  14. I thought this was great, I felt like it was exactly how I remembered the game but much clearer! Going to classic mode made me wonder why I imagined the game looking a lot better, but now it matches the box art. I see some reviews seem annoyed with the art still being flat and the backgrounds being vector art, but wasn't that the point? I like how it looks. Maybe some of the linework on the characters can get a little bit wobbly, but no biggie, it's overall very strong. Glad you guys didn't drop any frames on the smoother animation and looks awesome to see this stuff in HD. That redone intro kind of had my jaw open.
  15. I wanted to log in and also speak for this. This would be my number one change in an otherwise amazing remaster. I mean I still have Maniac Mansion on disk and I'm glad we got the "hi-res" version finally over the crappy blocky one included in the original. It would have been even cooler to include the NES version separately though, but that's crazy fan talk. But yeah it's pretty hard to complete without multiple saves unless you know the game inside and out. I've beaten Maniac Mansion maybe 3-4 times but I have no idea what the hell I'm doing in the game. Forgot what to feed green tentacle when trying to get to microwave the hamster and got stuck 4 times, restarting each time.
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