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  1. Absolutely loved the update! These videos, as said a million times I'm sure, are totally worth the cost of admission. Plus... freewriting.... I haven't tried that since 8th grade. Thanks for the re-inspiration, Tim.
  2. Dude, totally. Learning about DoubleFine, the Kickstarter, and Tim Schaeffer was all so inspiring, that I'm actually looking into creating a video game as along-term project. I'm going to school as an animator, so a lot of the programming will be foreign to me, but I can't think of a better way to prove to potential studios what I'm capable of than developing my own game.
  3. How could it suck? The documentary footage in and of itself is worth $30! And showing production studios we're kind of tired of sequel after sequel is priceless.
  4. I donated for multiple reasons: 1. I'm an animation student doing a trailer for an adventure game as my thesis project. 2. I remember playing the old Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine and seeing a trailer for Monkey Island on there, and always being interested in the game itself (Though I have not played any of the games Tim has previously worked on) 3. I hate the formulaic restrictions of production companies - I love seeing products that people want come directly from the studio or source instead of going through some "managing" institution that makes money off of other people's creativity, and is more self interested than it is interested in the quality of the product being produced, or the enjoyment of that product by it's intended audience. 4. The documentary footage will be fun - and insightful. I've watched all of the extra features on animated movies I own - I'd love to see that difference between a movie studio workflow, and a video game studio. 5. My friend who worships monkey island convinced me. 6. Tim is funny.
  5. Agreed! Longer game! My heart sunk when they did the extended interview between Tim & Ron, and Ron said he wanted 20 minutes of a focused fun game. I know he was only joking, but... Seriously, a long game would be awesome. Something I could come home to after work and play - accomplish a part of a puzzle - go to sleep - come home, rinse and repeat.
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