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  1. Yes, maybe they could be using the video for promotion of the second act.
  2. agree Uhhh Ace, I dunno how to tell you this, but they've released a whole episode, and two updates (one very recently) since Gorudo posted that comment I know but I've still haven't seen the video they were making with all the impressions people posted.
  3. Wondering how the progress is going with this video? We haven't heard or seen anything in awhile.
  4. Here is my video, didn't record myself playing the game since i played most of it yesterday.
  5. Can't wait to play this! What is the deadline for the videos?
  6. Exactly. It doesn't matter if the content they posted is text or images, gameplay or story, good news or bad news. They copy pasted private forum content that we agreed at the start of this campaign would remain here on the forum. Granted, it was on an honor system and not under an NDA, but all that means is that what these journos did is not punishable, but it is pretty damn disgraceful. I hope the cheap journo points they scored are worth the bridges they burned. http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/195509/Double_Fine_splits_Broken_Age_in_half_to_fund_completion.php https://twitter.com/KrisLigman http://kotaku.com/somehow-tim-schafers-adventure-kickstarter-needs-more-652014092 https://twitter.com/LukePlunkett +10,000 internet fame to the first journalist to publish a story about how these journalists are assholes. Yeah i guess they didnt read this THE OFFICIAL DFAF "GUIDE TO DECENCY" I am fine with the decision of breaking up the game into two part. Im really looking forward to this game, keep up the good work! We should all be used to delays like this since we are all waiting for a game with a 3 in it.
  7. Ive watched the the documentary and now have a juicer which im going to attempt a full 2 weeks of juice fasting, thanks to Tim. Im wondering if there is going to be a more extensive list of recipes in this topic and just tried that Mean Green and that was pretty strong juice anyway to tame that beast down a bit.
  8. I would love to have an easy and harder difficulty like in Monkey Island 2 and Curse of Monkey Island
  9. You only have 4 friends with good taste? Yeah, 5 of them already bought it
  10. yeah around 12PM EST it said it had 19 hours left till unlock
  11. I was looking on The Cave steam page and i noticed its set to release on the 24th and not the 23rd
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