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  1. Warning: SPOILER inside this bug report. Steps to reproduce: With Vella, go to the F'ther screen, where you can put offering in the bowls. You need to have collected two golden eggs (Or only one). - Open inventory, then drag golden egg to a bowl, preferably the farthest from Vella's position. - Quickly reopen inventory while Vella is walking to perform the previous action. - You should see that the egg is still there, since it has not been put down yet. - Quickly drag the golden egg again, this time holding your mouse button until Vella has finished. - Then drop this egg into another bowl. You no longer have the egg but the "mouse cursor" is still holding one. - Result: another egg will be spawned. Possible game breaking since you can shortcut this puzzle by having two eggs, and making a duplicate, thus solving it without having performed some necessary actions. I am attaching 3 screenshots showing the steps and also a saved game. My system: Mac OS 10.9.1
  2. Hopefully Mac users can post their corresponding location here in this thread too. On a mac it is saved under: /User/UserName/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Broken Age/saves
  3. That reminded me of a puzzle in Zak McKracken that stomped us for weeks. In London, there was a soldier, guarding a fence. The puzzle was trying to make this guy go away or let you pass. On the Amiga or PC, we had no clue. But on the Commodore 64, since a little quirk every time a room loads, you could actually glimpse one frame of background *before* all the sprites appeared, so we definitely knew there was a switch behind the guard.. We were to the point of trying to give every object in the game to this guy and still we didn't find it. The solution was.. you needed to give him the wine bottle. But with ANNIE. Not Zak! How could we know! We were so naive and young.. Still Zak remains in my heart the best adventure game I ever played.
  4. Life of D. Duck: http://www.bjornarb.com/ And I also remember two games I loved on the Amiga back then: Future Wars and the amazingly difficult Operation Stealth, in which, if I recall correctly, you could die in the first room.
  5. If you want to point out certain things that were annoying to some people or plainly bad in an otherwise great game, I can think of these on the top of my mind: - Indiana Jones 3: The Last Crusade: there was literally a 1x1 pixel object which you had to pick up. It was a bit of sticky tape beneath a bookcase at Henry's if I remember correctly. However I must say that at the time, it didn't bother me since I loved pixel-hunting - Grim Fandango: This game is fantastic in so many ways. The atmosphere, music, voice, dialogs, characters, etc. But they were so-so or bad things here and there: the control, I think it is universally agreed upon. The worst puzzle for me were the ones you had to "interact" during something happening. For example, having to MOVE FORWARD using the forklift during the elevator moving sequence. Another case was the horrendously annoying piece of sea-crap singing "This little light of mine.." which you had to grab, THEN TURN TOWARD GLOTTIS. Incredibly boring and frustrating sequence. Also the underwater part with the treadmill: it was dull and unexciting even back in the days, and today with a fast machine it is simply unplayable without a patch due to speed issue. - Sam 'N Max: a lot of puzzles didn't make sense. The cartoon animation and jokes saved the game a made in enjoyable (or tolerable anyhow), but it would be the worst adventure game by Lucasart in my opinion. But the Grand Winner would be: - King Quest V: who in the world cannot hate Sierra's way of letting you make a fatal mistake but keep going on (and overwrite your save game of course), to later realize the game is now impossible? You want an example? Buy a pie. Eat it. Your freakin' stupid character even goes saying "hmm that was good." or some idiotic thing like that. Then hours and hours of tedious gameplay later, encounter a mountain yeti. Oh, I guess you needed that yeti-killing-berry-pie after all. And I don't want to start talking about the owl. It had to be the most despicable NPC ever invented. I don't know why but rage overloads me every time I think about this game. I absolutely hated every bit of it. If this game is rated anything above 0/10, it is overrated.
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