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  1. Even though the tread is very old… Even though the games is up for others to see… I still came back to do this… WE ALL DID IT! THE GAME GOT SO MUCH TRACTION THAT IS WENT UP ON STEAM EARLY ACCESS! IT EVEN GOT TRADING CARDS! Congratulations on such a nice game!
  2. Thank you Bert for the full reply. It feels nice to have my report gain some attention and help improve the game's performance.
  3. I am bumping this post to make sure it was not overlooked completely.
  4. Here is my story/ bug report. I use a late 2011 iMac with Mac OS X 10.7.5. I was playing Broken Age late last night and accidentally left the game running in pause mode while Vella stood on the bridge leading to Shellmound. When I woke up and eventually went to my iMac, I found my iMac in sleep mode. Upon waking, I found my game minimized and my mouse would not send any input! My cursor was totally gone too. I tabbed over into the game and found it still in pause mode. The cross (normal) cursor was in the center of the screen, and my mac cursor was right beside it, but my mouse would still not send input! By hitting Escape, I exited and reentered the pause screen a few times but still no mouse, only the keyboard worked. Out of desperation, I opened the steam overlay and, to my delight, my mouse worked again! Opening and closing the steam overlay a couple more times fixed the game mouse input too. I hope my story has all the details they need to track down the problem. Keep on keepin' on Double Fine, I love broken too much to see this happen to the non-backer public. Thumbs-up
  5. I just want to say that I have seen the same problem in the MAC version. (Maybe they should go the Early Access way, after all.) At any rate, keep up the fixing, DF, it is definitely paying off.
  6. Anybody? *looks around with pleading eyes* "Nice try sweetie." - Mother AI If we told you, it may ruin the comedic timing! But we can tell you that Vella does not want to go near Gus because she finds him yucky in some way.
  7. Hello, In the MAC version, when you meet the two guys "on break" next to ice cream mountain, most of their dialogue is without the mouth animations.
  8. That is very funny and it does not even go against his character!
  9. I just want to say, that this also happens when Shay talks to the wolf about how to / already completing the Prima Doom preparation missions.
  10. Hello, First, as a backer, I say "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU MADE ACT ONE! I am proud of all of you at DF." Second, here are some bug reports for you. 1. During the loading of the very first image in the game, the two sleeping, the parts of the charters (Arms, legs, heads, everything) start as a jumble pile near the bottom of the screen. Then after 0.2 seconds this jumble shuffles around to create the characters as intended. Is this on purpose? 2. When switching to Retro-Mode, I noticed that the vertical size of the whole game shrinks. (Black bar on top of screen grows to compensate.) (I am using resolution 2560x1440) 3. When Vella moves her head forward while talking to her mother (Close up angle) at the start, her neck layer renders on top of her head. It may also happen at some other point during the time at her house. I will come back here to make more "Kind-of-beta" reports as needed. As always, I look forwards to all replies. (P.S. The robot spoon character is as adorable and funny as a guy can be! Good job!)
  11. i love how my first choice (milgrim) and my second choice (B and F) are the top two! I still hope Milgrim gets selected, though.
  12. Or use the Parallels Soft ware to contain a windows inside of the macintosh.
  13. Hello Mr. Andy Wood, Congratulations! Your seed of an idea has gathered a trunk full of attention! May all your development endeavors this fortnight be fruitful. I am glad your idea is about to make the top four!
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