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  1. Eh, could you elaborate on this? (Yes, I'm one of the ResidualVM-guys)
  2. Really though, I was amazed at the change of defaults. IIRC, the tank controls were default in the original. I can see camera-relative making sense on PS4, where you have an actual stick, but for arrow-keys it's horrible. And yes, I really prefer playing with tank controls, using the arrow keys (especially for lack of a numpad). Never really see what the fuzz was about with those. (I mean, the game is still one-hand playable with those, even without a numpad, since all you need is, i, enter, and arrow-keys to complete the game).
  3. This looks great, I'm looking forward to getting to play it for myself. I do note that in the video, I can still see the buggy "message flag" from the original game (note how the pole doesn't actually connect to the flag, the deck of cards also seems to float in mid air there. The lights look absolutely stunning though.
  4. If I leave the guard to go back to the central part of the cloud, and click on the sign that reads: "That's the ladder to the Meriloft Maidens Feast Area" the text will flicker, seemingly trying to correct it's size and wrapping, while the camera zooms to the setting it has when standing at that end. This problem is barely visible in windowed mode, but very visible in full screen 1920x1200. (Mac)
  5. If you throw the water to the yellow girl, she will lose her Drumstick, but it will be in her hand again instantly if you talk to her. This might be intentional (i.e. I skipped part of the cutscene by clicking on her perhaps?), but it was a tad weird.
  6. As one of the guys that have been working a bit on ResidualVM (although, the major progress the last year is not because of my work) I guess I shouldn't put too much into the debate of ResidualVM vs various solutions to get it installed on Windows, but I'll put out the following: In the original game, if you speak to Dom at the very start, you will be unable to hear a rather important monologue of his later in the game. This was fixed in ResidualVM. We do consider Grim quite playable, but there are a few graphical glitches, but all in all Grim has been rather stable. Yes, there are bugs, but the amount that we consider release-breakers are not that many (simple graphical glitches are ok, stuff that makes the game unplayable or impossible to complete... is not). We'd love help to find the bugs that are in there though, so like was already stated here, if you'd like to help us gear up for our first release, fetch a download of 0.1.0, and start testing Somaen
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