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  1. Time Divergence Divergent Time Beneath the Clouds Duality The amount of suggestions are going to keep coming by the looks of it. Tim are you going it be busy tomorrow? you have lot's of reading to do....
  2. Got the poster and tipped another $60. Double Fine!!!!!!!!!! Why does it feel so good to do this? I tell you why. These ladies and gentlemen love what they do. We are vicariously living this development with them. During the Good times or Hard times, we feel for them. It feels so good to help such awesome people do what they do best. Good luck people......
  3. I knew I woke up early today for a reason. Great epp.. Hello to all the team. this epp just makes me wish time would move faster so I can see/read what happens next.
  4. - a town of French Ninja's - a place where it's always midnight - a rave where the music is Hammond
  5. Some of these have been mentioned before but: - Chocolate covers rasins land - Furry grass land - hadron collider 10 mins before it blows up and takes the universe with it - Evil cute bunnies that chase hunters forest - inside a giant long dead robot/android - a city on a enormous flying fish - a station (possibly in space) where a mad AI has taken over. - a market where everyone smiles - a field or forst of abandoned knight armour
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