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  1. Awesome! I still can't believe that my "I've tried everything and this is impossible" excuse for adventure games was right for once. If only I could use that same excuse for my failures at Monkey Island 2... I'll keep an eye out for the patch and pull down the YouTube video once it has outlived its usefulness.
  2. For anyone currently suffering from this problem, Here is a fix for the PC version found by zeta1 of these forums. If you are on a console, I think the only choices are to wait for the bug to be patched or start a new game.
  3. When this bug occurs, the door won't open even after going back down first, leaving the player completely stuck (see the video). Talking with other people who have had the same problem, the bug may be triggered by saving and exiting the game after going back down, but before going back up.
  4. Game is out a day and I think I already broke it. This is why I can't have nice things... After starting the rocket boosters in the Scientist's level, the door in the control room did not open for me after coming back up in the elevator. Walkthrough videos I found (once I began to suspect this was more than just a really hard puzzle) show the door opening after you reenter the room. Am I missing something? If not, is my only choice here to start a new game? q4fOTe1VlRc
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