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  1. HEHEHE! a fad you say. obviously you weren't a gamer in the late 90's and early 2000's. I'm to lazy to read all the posts in this thread but seems like it touches 2 different things that some may be getting mixed up: 1. is the medium in which we, the backers, will be getting the game, and 2. is how Double Fine will chose to distribute the game for the general market afterwards. Anyway don't be naive thinking that EA would like to work with this scheme out of good will. For me simply sounds like this would be a very good way (and perfect time) to introduce their Origin platform to brand new markets. In other words the idea is to steal potential gamers from Steam (and others), and not generating an immediate revenue (in IMHO), at least not from Kickstarted games. But Tim and these guys are smart so I'm sure they will be in GOG.com anyway
  2. Not "hated". What happens often is just that the dubbing jobs are not professionally done. After all it's not only what accent the actors have but the translation job is an important task itself, ofter done by someone lazy who doesn't perform any research or, like it's often done in software development, just copy/pastes all the text into a translation software or website and then gives the dialog to the actors. Also note that there is no such thing as "Latin American Spanish", there are several different pronunciations, slang and regionalisms in the different countries that speak Spanish. For the Latin American movies and video games markets the dubbing most often used are done by Mexican voice actors (or at least with central Mexico accent), the actual "translation" jobs may be done somewhere else. For TV dubbing it's more varied with many jobs awfully done in places such as Miami by illiterate people. Anyway, the DFA may only have voices in English, so I wouldn't worry too much who does the translation to Spanish as long as it's a professional or at least knows how to use dictionaries and read books and stuff.
  3. My first "move the directional pad & press the button" graphical adventure was Maniac Mansion for the NES, which I consider one of the best. It blew my mind as a kid being able to play such a game in a console where most games back then where about stomping or shooting at things.
  4. 1.- This but because of different reasons: It's been done to the dead. 2.- Unskippable and/or looooong walks, for instance many adventure games include rooms which have a panoramic or far away view and crossing them takes more than 10 seconds, so going back and forth looking for a puzzle solution is painful. But why should I worry, these guys are pros. ah, and most importantly what I definitely DO want to see is the development taking chances and making something "adventurous".
  5. Hail to the king! He might be too expensive... one can only dream! expensive? quick, sumone get these guys another million New Kickstarter campaign: "Let's get Ennio Morricone to make the music for DFA" Goal: $1 million ...well, at least the intro theme.
  6. the TEN best point & click games released AFTER 2002? It's like asking a list of the best 10 video game to movie adaptations made by Hollywood. I havenĀ“t played a lot of traditional adventure games from the last 10 years (or maybe I have but they all looked the same to me), anyway, the few good ones I can remember at the moment are: - Still Life (minus the cooking puzzle) - Puzzle Bots (really short but has an interesting Maniac Mansionish take on the puzzles) - Sam & Max season 1 (haven't played the others) - Don't s*** your pants! (...I'm being serious) And even though it has a lot of "quick time events" and Dragon's Lair-like parts, the best non-traditional adventure game I've played recently is probably Fahrenheit (I haven't played Heavy Rain).
  7. Any of the leads in the Legacy of Kain: Soulreaver and Defiance games. IMO probably they're some of the best VA in video games.
  8. If you could chose from any composer for the DF Adventure which one(s) would be your top pick(s)? For me, the ones that would fit a crazy, funny adventure game perfectly are: - Tommy Tallarico (MDK, Earth Worm Jim) - George "The Fatman" Alistair Sanger (The 7th Guest, Ultima Underword) - Michael Land (The Secret of Monkey Island, Loom)
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