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  1. I really enjoyed this game, but all my problems were suitably outlined by the initial post. Fix those problems and this game would be nirvana for me.
  2. I felt similarly. Shay's half had the best lines, in my opinion. The knife and the spoon provided a large amount of chortling joy.
  3. I went with the "everything was obvious" and it was "too easy" option. That being said, I did get snagged twice. However, both those times were my own fault for not actually thinking about the problem for a second, which was because I was almost in autopilot for most of the puzzles. It was still a great experience, I still really enjoyed it. I would also back another one, but I am REALLY hoping that the second half is MUCH harder.
  4. This game was absolutely charming, whimsical, and beautiful. I really loved it. I thought the voice acting was spot on, despite having some initial reservations. I also thought it was incredibly funny. It has such an incredible look that just blows me away. Almost everything was executed fantastically. HOWEVER... That being said... Those puzzles were WAY too easy. I get that you guys were maybe trying to be more accessible, but many of those puzzles were of the put the square shaped peg in the square shaped hole variety. I mean, it is good thing in that I can give this game to some of my nieces and not be too concerned about them being hopelessly stuck, but I sure as hell didn't feel super challenged. Some adventure games have a good frustration aspect, this one didn't really have that. Also, I agree with what some people are saying about the interactivity. I wish I could have dicked around a little more. I feel like there weren't as many funny dialog options, placed for the sole reason of being funny. Also, I feel like there should have been more things to interact with. So I voted mostly yes.
  5. And it's funny that's where publishers usually came into play - setting hard deadlines and controlling time and finances allocated. I'm not saying Broken Age needs a publisher. I'm saying that it's a compromise in not having publisher support, but certainly the pros of being publisher-free outweigh the cons, especially on a project like this. I was actually speaking about the 2PP documentary... In retrospect I probably should have specified. Generally, I am completely done with game publishers. I honestly want nothing to do with them. I will accept later games as a consequence of that choke-hold being severed. They have becoming a stifling agent. They do nothing but smother genuine, artistic, game design. 2PP productions, on the other hand, seem to be a little out of control. I mean, the quality of the content surely makes up for any shortcoming. However, their release schedule is a little baffling. Personally, I think they should announce that they will be releasing a video every two months. That being said, they should doggedly stick to that release schedule once they set it. It is the uncertainty that is killing people here.
  6. I feel like the problem here is the lack of a hard deadline. I have known many artists in my life and the one consistent element, present in every last one of them, is their inability to let go. The more malleable the time frame, the more they fiddle. Whatever it is, it is never done and they never want to stop working on it. That is why you need to force them to uphold strict deadlines. They need them!
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