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  1. In the process of backing Psychonauts 2 I realized I still didn't have my big box and docu blu-ray. I found the thread about the docu progress and now this one about the big box. I'm getting the impression that you're going to send out both together at the same time? Is that right?
  2. Aww yea bout to be playin some delicious classic beautiful Adventure game in 2014.
  3. I didn't know anything about this but I felt like researching. So first I watched the totally insane Powdered Toast Man episode but alas no shaving reference. Come to find out it's actually on Yak Shaving Day when you leave shaving cream out for the Yak and he leaves you shaving scum.
  4. Probably Maniac Mansion in school. Shortly after I got a lot of adventure games in packs like one that came with Fate of Atlantis, DoTT, Sam and Max, and Dark Forces and Tie Fighter in that one too... I think I had another pack that came with Sierra games but the only included adventure was Kings Quest 6. After those I was a man on a mission and I obtained every other LucasArts and Sierra adventures.
  5. I liked Trauma a lot, I disliked Dear Esther a lot. Trauma had puzzles, Dear Esther did not. I bet many did not enjoy the navigation in Trauma but I found it to be unique and refreshing. Dear Esther I just felt like a shuffling zombie listening to triggered narration. In Trauma I felt like an adventurer in my own disjointed memories solving dreamlike puzzles.
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