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  1. Kind of wishing I had backed a bit higher for the Blu-ray now. Wonder if they will have copies for the store some time after those to kickstarter backers are delivered. I'd probably be up for one.
  2. Public read only seems fine, actually probably doesn't matter if it is RW for a limited time
  3. I'd heard that music before but never knew the context for why the composer created it. Now I realise it is a celebration of food, done double fine well and fit for two players to eat. It all makes sense now.
  4. Well as long as you baked in all Region support A,B,C I'll be happy. Though I do have a region unlocked player so It won't kill me if it was region A but might annoy some international folks.
  5. Excellent, great news that things are moving along now.
  6. Thanks for the update. I think the lack of information and regular updates was what was frustrating folks. Though I do think double fine needs to grab a list of emails of the backers and send out an email notification as I'm sure there are a lot of people who are not regulars to the forums (myself included). They can just copy and paste your last post here as I think that gets the message across.
  7. Where do you download the videos for this? I guess I missed an update somewhere I ended up ripping them with a tool I use for grabbing youtube videos.
  8. I wasn't looking at the forums during the time of the Amensia fortnight but I did pay via humble bundle (same email as I use here) and I just keep getting a login prompt page when I go to the URL you mention. So maybe I'm not on some access list either it is a weird way of showing that nothing is there.
  9. Hadn't thought about getting the 2012 series on Blu-ray. I'll keep that in mind for when / if the Australian currency levels a bit higher against the US Dollar.
  10. Oh well I have a youtube downloading tool and let it run last night. Now have a download of the documentary to watch at my leisure. I'm sure I'm probably violating some youtube terms and conditions, but what google don't notice in their massive data analysis won't hurt them Just put out an update (beyond the forums) to let people know where it stands and I'll wait a bit longer for my old school disc based access.
  11. Wow I never would have believed there would be this kind of delay. I went looking through my email thinking the Blu-ray must have got lost in transit. Wouldn't have guessed until I looked through the forums that it hasn't even been made yet (pressed anyway). This is really disappointing, some sort of a notification via humble or otherwise would have been nice too. Just started going through the double fine adventure documentary videos which prompted me to go looking for these. I never did watch them on youtube guess I didn't notice they were there and was too busy at the time to go look for them. Disappointing that when you couldn't deliver the Blu-ray on time that provision wasn't made with humble for some download options. I'm generally quite understanding about delays and obviously I wasn't in a hurry but I can see this would have upset and really annoyed a lot of fans who were hanging out for this. Communication should have been a higher priority here and gone beyond just forum threads. Amnesia Fortnight 2016 (would take some convincing now to get people to order a BRD for that). Disappointed but hopeful I'll get the Blu-ray before the next amnesia fortnight.
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