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  1. Black Lake was my number one choice. An open world Double Fine game with that great art style and double fine's characters with a world in the vain of Okami. Someone stop my drool!
  2. Black Lake: Voting Discussion Thread

    I'm more concerned White Birch is getting a lot of votes because he likened it to Ico and Journey. Great games for sure but people jump on it. Like I said the setting and story of this won me over. I just hope it's a sprawling open world adventure like a zelda or okami
  3. Black Lake: Voting Discussion Thread

    This got my vote over the white birch because of the idea of having a story to tell and not an open art game. I'd rather play a well crafted story than being asked to infer my own story on a game. Also the idea of using music as a weapon intrigues me
  4. Black Lake: Voting Discussion Thread

    Looks like one for each game. Vote on your favourites and don't vote on others basically
  5. Black Lake: Voting Discussion Thread

    That sounds amazing! How is this not already in production?! What did you have in mind for gameplay?
  6. Black Lake: Voting Discussion Thread

    This game I'm most excited about. I'm hoping to see something in the vain of Okami; open world, amazing art. etc. Do your proto type in the Brutal Legend engine and you'll be halfway there! Edit: no RTS battles though :-P
  7. In order of enjoyment: Host Master and the Conquest of Humor Time Gentlemen, Please! & Ben There, Done That Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure Jolly Rover Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Hector: Badge of Carnage