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  1. Haha! I love this update. I used to do visualization programming in the oil industry and the thing I definitely miss the most is the absolutely hysterical bugs that would result when I inevitably screwed up my math at some point.
  2. - A world where you can shapeshift but only into animals outside of their natural habitat. (i.e. if you're in water you can shapeshift into a bird, but not a fish.) - A world without doors. - A world with nothing but doors.
  3. I was gonna suggest both a Murphy's Law world and the opposite - An Internet Forum
  4. A world whose physical properties are governed by a dyslexic person with synesthesia.
  5. Obviously this is just a marketing ploy to make people debate the meaning of an "adventure" game on the internet.
  6. If they change the name I will freak out and rant about how I only backed it because it was named Double Fine Adventure and anything else will make me feel betrayed. I will create polls on the forums so like-minded individuals can vindicate my feelings.
  7. It's inefficient to never take small breaks from work. I'm happier and do more/better work when I have a boss who doesn't care if I take quick breaks to check something online or get up and stretch my legs. In fact, I refuse to work for people who don't give me this freedom.
  8. I really appreciate this update! I'm a software engineer who has done a lot of work with visualization but in a totally different industry. I love this type of stuff, keep up the great work.
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