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  1. Spoiler Alert obviously!! I finished act 1 in about 3.5 hrs, I liked Shay's story more (Elijah Wood nailed the character as did Jennifer Hale as Mother) but typically it lasted nowhere near as long as Velouria's, which became more interesting when the sci-fi stuff was introduced and then her story ended too... For me I know it's only half the game but it felt ridiculously short, not because of the lack of story, characters or areas but because they were so under utilised (the areas were way too static with nowhere near enough things to click on). This game was made for and funded by hardcore point and click adventure fans and yet they made an incredibly easy game who's puzzles were frankly an insult they were so effortless to complete and unimaginative. If they upped the difficulty and complexity several fold (as is needed) then the length would have taken care of itself, right now I am really regretting spending $100 on this game, knowing what I know now I wouldn't have backed the game and just spent $15 or whatever when the game came out in it's entirety (but hey I got a nice t-shirt out of the deal...) The art style also wasn't to my liking (I knew that already of course), I would've much preferred a more traditional old school disneyesque art style that appeared in the best games of this genre (also as a side note, Machinarium's art style whipped this games many times over). I liked the story a little and the twist ending was cool if a little cliched, the game wasn't very funny though (I loled about 3 times, the spoon was great) and the music was forgettable (with a few exceptions), man I'm depressed
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