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  1. To make this game one for the ages, we need a hard and easy mode. Otherwise, it will never have the lasting stay power of the greats. I replayed it... took me about 25 minutes to beat. That is crazy. The issue is that there are two large groups this game caters to -- adventure noobs, and hardened adventure vets who think two levels above the adventure noobs. Here's the issue... if they ramp up the difficulty for part 2 (with no other gameplay adjustments)... it will likely become unplayable for the noobs, and a mildly challenging 2nd half for the vets. And here's the thing... I can't remember all of the puzzles in monkey island and they are fun and challenging every replay (right from the start). I have to think. Broken age part 1 can be played without thinking for vets. That's boring. It simply needs an easy and hard mode to make it the best adventure game of all time, for everyone. The adventure gamer ability gap is just too vast. We've got ADD kids and puzzle-loving grown nerds playing the same game. Think about that for a second. Tiger woods at a pitch and putt... or a toddler at the PGA. The gameplay gap is that big.
  2. Wasn't there an easy and a hard mode in a few of the Monkey Island games?? If they simply made a hard mode -- featuring a few more steps in the existing puzzles -- I think it would appease everyone, and would require less effort than changing the current game to reduce the hints that are already existing. For example: In hard mode, perhaps "Grabbing Gary" has to be fixed before using him. Or there are two pieces of the knitting needle -- and the second piece has to be won from the two sock dudes playing cards... BUT... you have to find a way to cheat at the card game in order to win... opening up a bunch of options for increased puzzles. I think this might be the easiest way to make everyone happy.
  3. In my opinion there should be an easy mode (current) and a hard mode (with extended puzzles). Or, if that's too hard to do... have a harder game with an option to get a hint at any time.
  4. I think this whole difficulty debacle could have been solved by an easy and hard mode, or by having an optional hint system.
  5. Warning -- spoilers below -- Liked: Art was great (polished in some places, low resolution in others) Music fantastic -- sound effects blended in smoothly. Loved Elijah's voice acting and jack blacks -- and most other voice actors. Vella's was ok. Not as grabbing as Elijah. Some hilarious lines -- the knife and spoon were awesome. Some funny parts for sure. I chuckled all the way through. Some intense scenes that got the heart pumping -- staring down the monster and floating in space. Disliked: Audio click before characters spoke. The grabbing arm minigame -- little hokey. Lack of complex puzzles and amount of puzzles. Some puzzles didn't feel connected getting puzzle pieces given to you with no effort, or with one line of dialogue. If a hard version is released with more puzzles I will be a very happy camper. But im still happy with act 1 as is (besides the dozen crashes, but im sure those will be fixed). --- It felt like the game rushed through so many beautiful areas. All that effort and only a few minutes of screen time for some areas. i say, spend more resources on puzzles and less on animation. More items! The inventory was a bit barren at times. I think the "intro" puzzles were great for both characters. Complexity should have increased during cloud colony and after breaking out of routine. But this is only act 1. Take the kid gloves off for part 2! For example, this would have been great: In cloud colony, instead of collecting 3 heavy eggs to increase weight (dull).... have vella figure out how to get all villagers angry and all demand to see jack blacks character (who shuts them out) -- the ensuing throng causes ladder to fall. On the ship -- reprogram cleaner bots. Hire card playing dolls. Sneak onto closed train. Get ship weaver inebriated. Reconfigure a teleporter to make a man-sized stuffed toy. Lets act like teenagers and stir Sht up! Fun and funny puzzles.
  6. A related glitch -- when first blowing up doll, I could not see the sprite. Then when placing it on the bed, I did not see the doll. Only thr shadow of a doll under the blankets.
  7. I had same crash. Right after trumpets in opening. I ran it at a lower resolution and managed to make it to the title screen. Then it crashed when pressing new game. Then crashed when hitting continue. About 8 crashes before I got it running by setting to ower resolution and always hitting load game instead of the continue button. Running on Samsung laptop -- can post specs if needed.
  8. That's because there wasn't any way to do it at the time! I didn't put up the extra options until a few weeks later, once we had gotten a lot of feedback from people hoping to contribute more. We'll definitely mention it in the next update. Good to know, thanks Chris!
  9. Ah that's too bad. Hopefully some of it will be taken into account when considering what cuts the project will have. Initially after episode 7 I don't think many people knew where to direct extra funding to Reds.
  10. Unless I'm misunderstanding you, I think the information you want is already available. If you just add up the three numbers (slacker backers, prints, and tip jar), that represents the total amount of money that has been contributed since the Kickstarter ends. There is no other way to contribute directly to the Reds project, so there's no other number hiding anywhere. For example, at the time I'm writing this post, that total is $111,200. Is this what you mean, or is there some other figure you're curious about? As for the engine, we agree! We've already stated our intention to do an open-source release of 2HB (the toolset/dev environment we're building on top of the already-open-source MOAI engine) once we feel it's developed to an appropriate state. Fans will be able to do whatever they wish with it. I think it's highly unlikely we would officially sanction an actual crowd-developed sequel to Reds, however--we'd rather see what original work people can come up with! That's good to hear! I know that a lot of people (myself included) bought other DF products to support the company/reds after episode 7. Those are the sales that I think could be grouped with the new figure being displayed. Likely if someone looked at the financials, they would see December and January sales much higher than October and November for example. Those are the figures that I think are missing at the moment.
  11. Essentially, in episode 8 it would be great to see: "Since episode 7, sales have gone through the roof in a range of DF products. In total, we estimate X amount was intended for the Reds project. Because of this we will be able to extend the scope of the project by X." "If you would like to contribute to expanding the Reds budget directly, feel free to purchase the signed print on our website." And I would expect the sales to go through the roof. The backers want to be active participants in the development of the game. It is very empowering to have "publisher" status as a collective. I don't think you should be concerned with completing the project under original guidelines. The videos are like project updates to publishers. I think it is only right that we have the option to give more to the project directly to see the best possible game be made.
  12. Ah there we go! I just randomly chanced upon this after recommending the intern's picture be put for purchase a month ago (although I originally recommended a post card, the print is even better). I wish I knew about it sooner! It was a fluke that I found it in the forums -- I hope you mention it in the next episode, I think you will get a lot more people buying when they know about it. It is nice to see the number, but I wish we could see the "total" extra that people have contributed since the original kickstarter. This might be hard to calculate because people were advised to purchase other things like the indie bundle and other DF games (when the original push occurred after episode 7). It would be nice if we as backers could make a "public" statement for our support for the extra push. This counter will help but I think it shows a small percentage of the additional funding that has been given to DF since Episode 7. Again, hopefully this is mentioned in Episode 8 (for those who normally just watch the episodes and don't read the forums), and I would expect a whole lot more of the prints to be sold if that's the case. Also, I am going to put this out there for consideration... DF was the first large game company to use the public funding to cut out the publishers... inXile took it a step further to allow for backers to submit game resources to Wasteland 2... I think once Reds is released and all the hooplah passes, another era of game development could be opened up by DF. Once the game engine for Reds is done, take it one step further and open it up to crowd-sourced game development. Release the engine to "backers" who will essentially be "interns" and under the direction of a game developer, start DFA 2. The project would be revolutionary. With video updates the games progress could be documented and the "choosing" of game resources could be released. As long as credit is given to the "interns" once the game is finished, I don't think anyone would want monetary compensation -- I think a lot of people would love to "work" on a game for free with their spare time. A call for resources would be needed (every week perhaps), and then there would have to be someone with the "vision" of the game choosing which resources to use. Therefore, sequels of DFA could be made at a very low price, with a finished game engine, and with a fan base ready to go. I wish I had the resources to follow this vision myself, but DF has the ability to do so! All the best, -Chris
  13. I think a lot of us backers want to make a statement. Let the backers have a say in cutting or increasing funds! We are essentially publishers as a collective and I think everyone wants to see the best possible game made. This game is going to set the standard!
  14. --- Sounds good Tim! I am buying the humble bundle (and maybe a few other of your games I've been eyeing up). It would just be nice if we as a collective could make a "public" statement that we're behind you (as the initial kickstarter sent such a strong message). I think it will be tough to quantify how much of the increased sales will be from backer support. It would be nice to see the next episode have something like: "well, looks like we have our extra million through extra contributions by backers... moving ahead with the new plans." All the best to the DF crew, happy holidays! -Chris p.s. (Ended up getting the Double Fine Bundle on Steam $9.99 + $25.00 for the Amnesia Fortnight) Fun times!
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