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  1. I'm glad I asked. I think I've gotten a lot of very good answers. While my personal opinion on the game probably isn't changing I'm beginning to understand why other people don't like it as much. - I'm seeing a lot of complaints about the controls scheme and "Monkey Kombat". I can make no apologies for those. The controls did get screwy and Monkey Kombat was very very frustrating. I suppose I'm just more forgiving of those type of things... - I feel like the game could get away with not being "piratey" enough because the game acknowledged that itself. Ozzie Mandrill wanted to end the Age of the Pirate, and Jambalaya Island was owned by Mandrill and Guybrush hated how un-piratey it was. - Yeah, LeChuck sort of being the "surprise" villain behind Ozzie Mandrill was a little weak. Everyone loves LeChuck. But I feel Mandrill wasn't all that bad of a villain actually. I certainly like him more than de Singe from Tales of Monkey Island. - I actually forgot about the whole Herman Toothrot being Elaine's grandfather retcon thing. Could anybody refresh my memory about the specifics of why that was so bad? I know it has something to do with contradicting something from the first game and a race to Australia....
  2. That was my mistake. I've taken the appropriate actions to warn others about potential spoilers in this thread. I genuinely apologize.
  3. Really? Funny as the other games? REALLY? Yes really. Did you have anything interesting to say about that or did you just want to let everyone know how funny and sarcastic you can be?
  4. Inspired by a recent thread I saw about the Monkey Island series (http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6165/) I thought I'd make this thread to clear up some confusion for me. Can anybody tell me why they think Escape from Monkey Island (MI4) is so bad? In so many people's responses they say they absolutely hate MI4 and I honestly can't see any reason why. I know the original team from the first two games weren't involved but the same is true for the third game and for Tales of Monkey Island. I'm a huge Adventure Game buff. For the record my favorite Adventure Game is Grim Fandango, my favorite Monkey Island game is Curse of Monkey Island (MI3), and my least favorite Monkey Island game(s) is/are Tales of Monkey Island (MI5). I like MI3 so much because the music and art are especially superb here and I think it's just as funny as any of the other games (it was also the first game of the series I played so that may have some influence on me). When it comes to MI5 I can't see any reason why anyone would rate it higher than MI4. MI5 was super cheap, with easy to solve puzzles, recycled character models, recycled environments, and the story was just real big turn off for me (the Morgan LeFlay love story/ subsequent death scene, the Marquis De Singe, and then the bizarre twist that LeChuck was never evil and that the Voodoo Lady was some sinister mastermind all along). I completely understand that a lot of my problems with MI5 have to do with its tight production schedule at Telltale and that they were under a lot of constraints, fine, but that doesn't excuse any of its problems though. Escape from Monkey Island, as far as I can tell, is just as funny as the other games, and the puzzles are just as complex or inventive (the Mysts o' Tyme Marshe sequence comes to mind as pretty brilliant). Were people really bothered that Guybrush and Elaine were married or something? I love MI4 completely, and I'm not looking for an argument when I ask people to tell me why they hated the game. Does it really suck and am I missing something? I want to understand...
  5. I think for me the biggest problem with Machinarium was it's lack of focus. I totally fell in love with the game but the thing that bothered me was the lack of clear goals. I understood that the goal was to find your girlfriend and and diffuse the bomb. But when it got to the "open world" part of the game I got confused. What was my motivation for doing a lot of the puzzles? Why am I helping these musicians find all their instruments? How does that help me get my girlfriend back? Why am I helping this old man get oil? What would happen a lot of times with me is I'd be doing a puzzle only because I knew it was there. It wasn't until after I found that solution that I was able to put together why that had to be done in the first place. As a player I was having a fun time trying to solve these brain teasers, but it definitely took me out of the game when I was wondering what the point of a lot of this was. And sometimes, in a moment of weakness, I would cave under pressure and look at the in-game walkthrough for some guidance, only to find that I have done everything on that page and that the answer still lay in some mysterious other region of the game. It sucked enough having to play that terrible minigame to open the walkthrough book, but now the game is basically asking me to do it again in other rooms to help with my answer. This hindered my enjoyment of the game a little. Am I the only one that had this problem?
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