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  1. When will the Prototypes be available?

    Yeah Little Pink Best Buds is no longer in my steam library. The files are in my steamapps folder though and run fine if opened through windows explorer, and it's listed in my steam account as something i purchased, but can't launch the game through steam since it seems to not be aware it exists anymore.
  2. Steam big picture banners?

    I made some earlier just using the pitch art, might make newer ones using the title screens or other more "final" looking art in the actual games.
  3. Kaiju Piledriver. Loved games like Rampage and King of the Monsters. Millgrim. Seems like an interesting twist on something like Badman/No Heroes Allowed. Battle Bros. I love roguelikes, I love beat em ups. What could go wrong? Black Lake. Not really sure how this will play, but the concept of tracking animals and exploring dreams sounds interesting. Bragging & Fighting. Sounds like it would be fun to experiment with all sorts of weird brags. CritterVerse. Like these kinds of puzzle games, and the character designs on the critters is just amazing. Double Fine High. It's so lonely down there... (also like games like Puzzle Fighter or Sum Fighter)