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  1. Just blind-bought it. Only have seen the trailer. Just quickly 2cents from a guy who mainly plays strategy games: Put something in for infinite building resources at the very end. Everyone always hates it when your dream-city/base/kingdom has run out of "stuff". Thats what everyone also hated about the new SimCity (more like SimVillage ...). Seems like a A LOT OF COMBAT. Meh.... you know what the world needs? A NEW THEME PARK! Make it more like that. ALSO: THIS IS IMPORTANT! Every self respecting strategy gamer uses ESCAPE to cancel menus. Thats like a law! Civ, EU4, XCOM you name it! I dare you to make it "X".
  2. I totally forgot about this post, I have to admit. Busy times. I will try out the code and get back to you. This looks cool. Great work, and thanks for the interest in my crazy ideas. Demonic Influence So spreading of demonic influence will happen over time. To adjacent spots on the chromosome. Neighbouring spots and the corresponding spot on the other chromosome of the pair are considered adjacent. So every spot will have demonic-value assigned to it which modifies the gene in a way I shown in the last graph. Who the demonic influence is changed is up for debate. I think it should always go up. You essentially go mad over time. When you fight battles it will go up faster, if you are knocked down it will go up even faster! Some equipment might then have a certain influence requirement. It something you have to balance out. There might be in game events that purify you to a certain degree though. There is a base natural mutation rate for all genes, it could possibly be increased by the demonic influence. I think it wouldn't make sense to breed new hero's between bloodlines on a regular basis. Hero's should in general marry commoners (like how in real life small populations are actually genetically unstable). Commoners are generally free of demonic influence, and kids only inherit the degree of influence when they are conceived. So you can make the strategic choice to interbreed two bloodlines. These kids will be more powerful due to higher demonic influence, but will be closer to the brink of being incapable. Deletion, Insertion, Duplication Overthinking this concept, it is probably not importat. So in real life genes are for all humans kind of in the same spot. I also envision this to be true for the heroes. However one can maybe randomize the genome all humans will have per playthrough. However in real living things how important the gene is in a way (if it gets "read") is determined by a little piece of genetic information at the start of the gene. Overall having deletion, insertion in the games is probably more confusion and less fun, so one can leave it out.
  3. Agreed. René Wuttke, PhD (Physical Biochemistry) PS: Not that I actually save lives or anything...
  4. I promised to update this, but I didn't do it. I apologize. There are two reasons. I have been busy playing Crusader Kings 2 and was thinking about and what I would change about the inheritance system (it seems quite gamey to me) and then I was to bummed out about Ryan Davis death.
  5. Oh thats true, in "my" proposed system this is somewhat mitigated by the combination of mutation & recombination. But I think it is not only easier to to just add commoners, but also more true to life since populations need a certain size to ensure diversity. I propose marrying commoners as a way to reduce demonic influence. I think it is super interesting to surface the underlying mechanics (through some magic device, think crystal ball) behind it to the player, but limiting him to the only decision we also have in the real world: having kids or not having kids. I will flesh out the "molecular genetics of MC" more on the weekend or so. Just for the fun of it.
  6. I posted some thoughts on the inheritance system here: Link. I think it is import to keep the breeding realistic. I mean the heroes are humans. It should be highly random and complemented with a training system. (gene + training = hero stats and traits)
  7. post for some possible pseudocode
  8. Most generated maps, are a mixture of flexible parts controlled by an algorithm and static set pieces like e.g. in Diablo. This is probably the way to go, since you have a controlled environment at key moments but also a lot of replay value. I am all for procedural generation.
  9. It does not matter which key. But if you opt to show it in the scene ("press x to skip"), make it fade away quickly. It always always annoys me when it is shown all time (sometimes flashing).
  10. Don't see what the fuss is about. Early Access is a very cool thing. I myself bought Prison Architect through this (you should check it out). That being said I obviously want every MC kickstarter buck go to MC. I backed DFA, but for story based stuff I really do not want to see how the sausage is made. I will play it when it is 100% done. I am battling my backlog as it is.
  11. I think the style in which FTL handles it is fine.
  12. Dear friends of Massive Chalice and numbers, I want to propose a system for the pseudo genetics of MA. I envision that the stats from the genes are complemented by stats from training, which are not passed down to the next direction directly (Heros need to be alive to train their kids what they have learned, otherwise they get training-stats/traits from foster parents). The system is inspired by what is actually happening in nature (I am a biochemist, but no expert in particular). Reserving the post, will add details and possibly pseudocode later, but I am curious about your opinion. Link to my Evernote-note some images of that, sorry I suck with diagrams.
  13. Hexes a great. What's good for Civ and Panzer General is also good for Massive Chalice
  14. Fertility should be a stat, and love a positive modifier. Simple as that. (it might have many other impacts)
  15. So first of all. Hi there, I am a backer for the adventure as well, but I did not really bother chiming in. That's a story based game - don't show me how the sausage is made. This one is different! So there is one thing that often bothers me in fantasy is that, while you sometimes see science fiction worlds with magic in them you seldom see the beginning of the the Renaissance or industrialization. So it would be cool if there would be some representation of this. So characters or kingdoms could have like a "tech" stat, that is either complimentary or rivaling the "magic" stat. I kinda see the lab before my eyes with the typical "magic lady" and the "tech dwarf/goblin". This could be reflected in equipment. So magic ranged chars have maybe a staff, tech chars maybe a gatling gone. Maybe even have a middle ground, where the guy has a six-shooter with magic bullets. Similar the kingdom might fight back either with wizards performing rituals, zeppelins raining fire from above, or ballistas shooting icearrows and so on. Just my 2 cents. René
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