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  1. I get there's a lot of hardcore puzzle fans on here, but i just feel like they got the balance absolutely perfect. I understand classic adventure games charm for some lies in the esoteric, baffling solutions to puzzles but i think they made the smartest decision they could make when deciding to eschew this tradition. I always found the feeling of being absolutely stumped and stuck talking to every character and combining every item the most tedious and least appealing aspect of classic adventure games. Here I felt they couldn't have got the puzzles more right, I spent just the right amount of time in each world, and the connections between the elements in the world and the puzzle they solved was always made by my own brain. I felt SUPER smart when I figured out the connection between the three golden eggs and the three sacrificial bowls, and best of all, this connection came to me not while i was at my wits end, stuck without any clue as to what to do next, but while i was in the midst of another puzzle, or whilst talking to characters. ("the eggs are heavy...and the ladder is the length down to the forest... so if it were to sink...a-ha!") Even better, this little "a-ha" moment lead me to my next set of goals, and they to my next, everything just had a beautiful flow to it. ("The Riddle of Yorn" also made me feel darn smart!) OH! And the sacrifice scene that begins Vella's adventure was PERFECT! I was so tense during this sequence, and I figured out each next element of the puzzle to escape the cake while I felt real pressure and danger bearing down on me. Best of all, when I managed to free myself i felt genuine accomplishment, as though I had only JUST managed to escape in time, and done so with my own wits. The scene could not have worked better, honestly, it had all the tension such a scene would have on film, only threefold because it was up to me to save myself. In any classic adventure game the sequence would have grown tired, and the tension evaporated as i realized Mog Chothra wasn't going to attack until i had found the solution, while i took way too long bumbling towards it. To me, adventure games have always struggled with pacing. There is almost always this disconnect between the tension and drive of the story and the slow, methodical, sit-down-and-think-about-it pace of the gameplay. But in Broken age the two were perfectly married. I loved this game.
  2. Game is wonderful, just thought we should report every minor glitch we come across to make the release the smoothest possible! One small cut scene featured the part of Shay played by...Shay's head! It is the spacewalking sequence when you use the grab'n'gary to turn the valves (grab'n'gary was also not visible.) Screenshot is attached (cuz i'm such a Luddite i don't know how to add it to this post) My specs: Pentium® Dual Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50Ghz 2.52 GhZ, 2.00 GB RAM Direct X 9.0c Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6450 Running Windows XP Home Edition (Service Pack 3)
  3. Twain is just the archaic word for two, straight up, nothing about diametric opposition i hope! I think of "wrenched in twain" as in torn in two, which is how the game starts. I stick by my love for this title
  4. Yes i'm aware, i was just asking for opinions
  5. So this is a totally pointless topic of conversation now but i thought "Twain" might be a nice title for REDS, yah or nay?
  6. Okay so this is gonna be lost amidst all the other suggestions but i thought "Twain" is nice
  7. A crazy musician who has holed themselves up in their crumbling mansion and in their delirium is trying to fashion a band of stray cats into the greatest rock band on earth. He believes the television is the record label and takes anything the news reader says as instruction for the direction his band should take. Also he is a vampire?
  8. The kids in the backseat analogy isn't applicable! First of all, what kids are doing is trying to convince their mum to get them ice-cream in the first place, in this case the kids already now they're going to get ice-cream. A more sensible analogy is mum is cooking dinner, and the kids at the table are all giving tips and suggestions on what she should do. Billy's all "use cardamon pods!" and Suzy is like: "If you use cardomon pods i swear to god i'll vomit bile!" and then little Phillip comes out with "I enjoy the use of satisfying, low-gi, soy based products." The fact of the matter is none of these kids know how to cook, mum knows how to cook, and she's gonna cook a tasty-ass meal regardless of their suggestions. Now imagine the same scenario excpet with upwards of 40 000 kids sat around that table, and mum is already feeling the pressure of having to cook for them all. I hope you understand where i'm coming from now...
  9. Or to put it simply, treats our opinions as the opinions of most other fans. I know this sounds wierd and counter-intuitive but the whole point of this project was to escape the controlling influences of profit interested publishers. I hope they haven't just replaced them with return-interested backers. I think we can all agree that double fine will probably come up with a pretty great game without us. I just don't want them to feel too pressured or prodded by the voices on these forums and get too caught up in trying to satisfy too many people. I geuss my message to the team is, stick to your vision. Be auteurs! This is what this whole thing is ABOUT!
  10. Nobody has taken a crack at transcribing this page?? I'll start: "This project needs to rode stoor Appl57 cheese? Sure, clay affair lmpf or North Smash. Tousee? Tasem am m eyes geffcar so popos enp..." Allright then. I'll try starting from the first pen. "Man i have not written in a notebook for a long time. I wonder what effect it will have on me? I wonder if it will save my softening brains, I have been forgetting a lot of stuff (recently?) One was- *PENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN* "...But now i'm writing and eventually i'll get around to writing about the Doublefine Adventure Adventure. New jokes you but the stink in ''ins tins cts." But *PENNNNNNNNN* unnaffected. I likes shutting of my self in my office and listening to metal. *Remember to always follow your instincts." OH GOD I'TS BEAUTIFUL.
  11. Two musical notes reverberated up the plushly furbished hallway sending an ever so slight vibration coursing through the delicate porcelain figurines, crystal glasses and china plates that were arranged so lovingly on neat wooden shelves. Old Mrs. Kawalski let the silence grow thick before pulling herself out of her chintz armchair to answer the door, she figured if she answered too quickly people might doubt her status as ‘old and fragile’ and her pension would come under review. Infact by the time she navigated the densely packed hallway it had been a good 5 minutes since the doorbell had even rung. The fact then that when she opened the door and didn’t find the doorstep as empty as Billy Baldwin’s answering machine, should have been a warning as to the seriousness of the situation at hand. The person waiting patiently on the doorstep in question was wearing a smart three piece pinstripe suit, with neatly combed hair beneath a charcoal black bowler hat and a thin wire moustache. If anything, he looked too formal, far more suited to the cool steel and green glass of the central business district than ringing old ladies doorbells in the outer suburbs of Fremantle. “Hello?” Mrs. Kawalski said, looking the stranger up and down. “Good afternoon, are you Mrs. Kawalski of 52 Gill street?” The man asked in a brisk, almost rushed manner, if it were not for his coolly kept appearance he would appear almost nervous. “The very same. Are you from the drainage committee because I’ve written a reply and I’m intending to get the pipes fixed as soon as po-” “No, I’m not from the drainage committee, I am here to talk to you about a situation of equal or greater importance than drains.” The man didn’t elaborate but instead waited with heavy hesitance as though he had just asked a question. The was something subtley odd about this man, his words came so quickly to him that Mrs. Kawalski had the distinct impression that they had been said many, many times before. “Well, would you like to come in, then?” She asked stepping aside and holding the door open in gesture. “That would be best,” Said the stranger, stepping over the thresh-hold and leading the way down the cluttered hallway to the dining room. He sat himself around the circular dining table, placing his bright silver briefcase gingerly in front of him and laying his large hands across it. “Tea? I’ve only got Earl Grey I’m afraid, Fremantle shopping isn’t quite what it used to be” Mrs. Kawalski called from the kitchen. “Please. Two sugars no milk, thankyou.” Mrs. Kawalski eyed him over the bench while she bustled with cups and the kettle. As she stretched to reach the sugar in the top cupboard she spotted him eyeing her star. “Funny old thing isn’t it?” She said, making the man jump slightly. “You’re certificate?” he asked indicating the framed piece of paper hanging on the wall. “It isn’t just any old certificate, it states that I’m the rightful owner of my very own star you see. My grandson got it for me one year, he thought I must be sick of porcelain, here you are.” She said, placing the stranger’s tea in front of him (his briefcase now tucked between his legs.) Indeed the certificate did declare Mrs. Kawalski as the proprietor of her very own red giant. It was printed in friendly bubble type, with all the names written in thick block letters, including the name of the star: Planet Grandma. “My son put it up on his telescope for me one night, the thing’s millions and millions of light-years away. Of no practical use to anyone of course, porcelain on the other hand-“ “Mrs. Kawalski.” The man interrupted, placing his tea on the table with a soft clink “For how much will you be willing to sell your star?” “My star? Sell it?” “Yes, name your price.” “Oh no, I couldn’t. I don’t think you understand, it’s just an old piece of paper. You can buy one yourself, they couldn’t be more than 10 dollars. “But I have an un-equivocal need for that particular star.” He said indicating the certificate on the wall again. “What on earth? Why!”... If enough people want me to, i will post part 2 of my story. What happens to Mrs. Kawalski? Who is the mysterious stranger? Will they make a deal? If so, what? and more importantly....WHY. All this and more in the second instalment of THE PORCELAIN PLANET, a serial by renowned Author: Sariel.
  12. No way, Hannah Montana would never betray her friends like that! i'd be careful what you say guys...they can smell out posts they don't like from a mile away. However, as you may have noticed, there is one way to disguise the posts scent. WHat you have to do is wrap the real message in-between two irrelevent phrases to throw them off. Stuff about hannah montana works best, she's like a natural repelent to administrators. Hannah montana concert 09 here i come!
  13. if you look closely you can see the strings...Enjoy!
  14. no that was another one. this band sings in either icelandic or gibberish.
  15. its also for kids. I still hated it back when I was. well it hates you and your inner child It can suck my inner child then! but it doesnt want to, becuase it hates children this is a ridiculous number of boxes. Why can't we just write our replies?!?!
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