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  1. Twain is just the archaic word for two, straight up, nothing about diametric opposition i hope! I think of "wrenched in twain" as in torn in two, which is how the game starts. I stick by my love for this title
  2. Yes i'm aware, i was just asking for opinions
  3. Okay so this is gonna be lost amidst all the other suggestions but i thought "Twain" is nice
  4. A crazy musician who has holed themselves up in their crumbling mansion and in their delirium is trying to fashion a band of stray cats into the greatest rock band on earth. He believes the television is the record label and takes anything the news reader says as instruction for the direction his band should take. Also he is a vampire?
  5. The kids in the backseat analogy isn't applicable! First of all, what kids are doing is trying to convince their mum to get them ice-cream in the first place, in this case the kids already now they're going to get ice-cream. A more sensible analogy is mum is cooking dinner, and the kids at the table are all giving tips and suggestions on what she should do. Billy's all "use cardamon pods!" and Suzy is like: "If you use cardomon pods i swear to god i'll vomit bile!" and then little Phillip comes out with "I enjoy the use of satisfying, low-gi, soy based products." The fact of the matter is none of these kids know how to cook, mum knows how to cook, and she's gonna cook a tasty-ass meal regardless of their suggestions. Now imagine the same scenario excpet with upwards of 40 000 kids sat around that table, and mum is already feeling the pressure of having to cook for them all. I hope you understand where i'm coming from now...
  6. Nobody has taken a crack at transcribing this page?? I'll start: "This project needs to rode stoor Appl57 cheese? Sure, clay affair lmpf or North Smash. Tousee? Tasem am m eyes geffcar so popos enp..." Allright then. I'll try starting from the first pen. "Man i have not written in a notebook for a long time. I wonder what effect it will have on me? I wonder if it will save my softening brains, I have been forgetting a lot of stuff (recently?) One was- *PENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN* "...But now i'm writing and eventually i'll get around to writing about the Doublefine Adventure Adventure. New jokes you but the stink in ''ins tins cts." But *PENNNNNNNNN* unnaffected. I likes shutting of my self in my office and listening to metal. *Remember to always follow your instincts." OH GOD I'TS BEAUTIFUL.