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  1. for me, winner of the best prototype goes to Mnemonic. It had the best art aesthetic and showed the most potential with its mechanics. I still want to see what comes from the little best buds... but it didnt translate great in the prototype. I also like the concept of dear leader, but so far the gameplay had me getting bored and wanting somthing more from the mechanics. Theres no way i could take hours of just making edict dialogue choices.
  2. just loving the visual aesthetic this is taking on.
  3. wooo, all 4 of my picks made it... including my pen ward pick... feeling like i should go to vegas now
  4. Loved it. Absolutely cant wait for more This is shaping up to be a really great game.
  5. What you need is a time machine. So you can go in the past and play it and then when you come back to the present you'll think its a timeless classic. Its a good game, and theyv certainly delivered all that they promised. Stop whining.
  6. yeah. IMO the production values are top notch. Very nice presentation.
  7. They really have put together a very visually appealing game. And for me that was not a requirement. Quite cool to see that they did it.
  8. seriously, iv played a couple other "betas" for kickstarters, which were very rough and nowhere near release quality. This is smooth and refined.
  9. 8-12 hours for a full adventure is the typical target range. So theyr on track. The important thing is the level of quality, and it should be apparent that with broken age its very high.
  10. Shrug. yeah i dont know.. it wasnt very nice of digitaltrends. But they had a relevant point that the embargo wasnt binding from the traditional standpoint. Still, not nice of them.
  11. From what iv played so far, its polished and beautiful. Doesnt feel like a beta at all.
  12. Im sure telltale has a time frame with which to do somthing with KQ or they could lose the license. As of right now, they still have those rights.
  13. I thought we would have a big surge at some point and comfortably go into 450k..... but i didnt expect this!!!! 442k now.
  14. Theyr actually in good position to make it. Theyv shown a lot of signs of growth, and could definitely jump up around 100k in the last hours. They wont have time for stretch goals... but its looking likely they will make it at the very end. Now... about this main character... am i excited for 1000 poop jokes? No not really.
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