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  1. I noticed these aren't in the Steam version of the Documentary unless I somehow overlooked them. Do we know if the sidequests are going to be made available there?
  2. flesk noticed that if you purchase the deluxe edition upgrade on Steam, the link it provides in your activity page just goes to the content of Deluxe Edition upgrade, with no obvious link to purchase it: http://store.steampowered.com/sub/130890/ Not sure if there's any way to fix this, I just thought you'd like to know.
  3. I got in on Trackless when it was only $5. I'm bummed to find out they'll be at a video game expo in my town Sunday, but I already have plans :-\
  4. Hey if anyone wants a $5 off promo code for the latest fig campaign, Trackless, let me know. They sent the code after I already backed it. Here's a link to the game info, it looks cool. https://www.fig.co/campaigns/trackless
  5. I don't know how long things lay in waiting before airing, but from some of these Tumblr posts back in June, it looks like they're pretty much done with the thing. A release this month would make the sense, but it's weird that there's been no mention of it at all http://frederator-studios.frederator.com/post/146126906157/finished-calling-retakes-woooo-from-pat
  6. There is no check point in the final boss battle, but it isn't that hard either. It's just so chaotic in the "hit the torso" stage it feels like it needs one.
  7. I like that I never realized how many dirty holes there are... Thank the stars for Electro-Sux!
  8. I played the game so thoroughly when it first came out (the first time), the only two achievements I needed help with were The Rusty Anchor (which is pretty obscure IMO) and the one where you talked to the owner of the race track in year 2 - for some reason I never knew you could! I blame the weird shape of the room on not able to notice the door to his office
  9. Great pic! I'm not doing watching it yet, it's cool how most (if not all) the effects can be done with practical effects
  10. I probably wouldn't fix it for my own sake, since it's been showing its age lately (about 4 years old) and I don't have a need for it otherwise if I'm getting a new one anyway. Thanks for the suggestion, though! Perhaps a mom 'n' pop shop would take it to fix and resell it... I'm keeping the hard drive, though. Never hurts to have a 500GB drive around for quick back ups
  11. I've been using dropbox for most things, but I haven't put pictures up there because we take so many and I don't want to spend the money for a dropbox subscription. We have Amazon prime so I should be able to use their picture upload service at no additional cost; I just need to get around to uploading the 14+ years of pictures... As for Linux, it will happen eventually, but it will have to wait a while. Between 4 kids and my wife's erratic schedule, it's hard to dedicate some time to install and tweak a Linux distribution to work well enough with all the weird quirks that come up with a newer laptop so it's a smooth transition for the wife.
  12. Bad news: 21 month old daughter poured most of an unattended soda on my wife's and my main laptop (also unattended). It's drying out presently, but I don't have high hopes. More Bad news: Quite a few months of original pics were temporarily backed up on there. And the hard drive was encrypted. And my original install stick broke and I don't think I have the passphrase backed up anywhere else. Minor good news: Most of the good pics were posted to social media at least, so not all was lost. Good news: Getting a new laptop! Not top of the line, but hopefully good enough to play Psychonauts 2 when it comes out! Minor bad news: Since I share my computer with my wife (who is a technophobe), she was tolerating my Linux distribution on the old main laptop, but was never very happy with it, so I'll probably have to stick with the OEM install of Windows 10 that'll come with the computer for a while. Other good news: At least I will be able to play Headlander now! UPDATE: the computer gods are smiling upon me today - after letting the old laptop dry out in the sun, I was able to boot up enough to copy the pictures - it was more than a year's worth, so I'm glad I got it working.
  13. Kentucky Route 0 for my birthday! (Couple of days ago)
  14. Thanks for getting this up and running, Spaff! Much appreciated!