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  1. The short answer is they should be included
  2. Then don't preorder the game if you are so worried. Wait until other people buy it; if DF does a crap job of restoring FT, you know there'll be complaints
  3. They do have another month to work on the game, so they have a lot of time to work out more of the minor glitches
  4. Hey, just means that the first version we get will have less bugs!
  5. I'm aware of what GOG stated, I just was curious if it was a simultaneous release on all PC platforms or if non-Win systems will be delayed.
  6. Will Mac and Linux versions be available on the 18th or will they be released later?
  7. Well, guess it's official now. GOG has a presale (20% off), Win/Mac/Linux April 18th! https://www.gog.com/game/full_throttle_remastered
  8. Engadget is claiming that DF announced today that April 18th is the release date, but I haven’t seen anything from DF directly, so my guess is Engadget's jumping on a rumor. You'd have thought DF would have announced it at PAX East if they already knew. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIwh7vivzk
  9. Now it's a series!!! Woo hoo! But we have to wait at least another year. Hi ho. So do we know how many episodes? 8-12 probably?
  10. Can't hurt to ask I guess!
  11. I've really enjoyed being able to have the subtitles for the episodes while listening to the commentary, it's awesome. The only (*very* minor) complaint I have about is how the video list is structured, I can't skip ahead to the bonus and material without exiting the video player. That, and Steam has a bug that if you use Family Viewing at all, even if it's temporarily disabled, you still need to type in your PIN every time you need to open the Video player.
  12. Thanks for the update!
  13. Well, I didn't see them Saturday when I was watching some of the documentary and bonus stuff. Either way, Thanks!
  14. Thanks for getting these, in Steam, too! I was watching some episodes the other day and it looks like the Sidequests showed up in the last couple of days.
  15. What was the most surprising thing (good or bad) that you've encountered during this remastering process?