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  1. 🐧💖
  2. Thanks Spaff, we appreciate the effort!
  3. I fumbled into this issue as well. Hi ho
  4. I have the same problem. Let them fix their Internet connection first, then they might be able to figure things out.
  5. This looks like SOOO much fun! The pot throwing, I just watched Day 2 (ep1), the CTF variant sounds cool, too.
  6. For those that would rather purchase it on Steam, it's there now, too: http://store.steampowered.com/app/228360/ @Spaff, will there be a similar sale when the game gets released on Mac & Linux?
  7. If it's not AF, it's the biggest fake-out I've seen in a while
  8. It's obviously a companion cube. Portal 3 confirmed!!!
  9. Best guess I've heard so far was the return of Amnesia Fortnight
  10. The short answer is they should be included
  11. Then don't preorder the game if you are so worried. Wait until other people buy it; if DF does a crap job of restoring FT, you know there'll be complaints