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  1. PS4 Remote Play?

    Does this game support remote play? I've tried but there are no Vita mappings for L2 and R2, but is that expected or is something odd happening? Without them you can't really use remote play effectively.
  2. blam

    Haha glad to share, it's a nice little easter egg (and if you have your sound up can give you quite a scare.. based on a true story). I've a keyboard attached to my PS4, so I should give it a go, I've been playing on my Vita up until now.
  3. Steam Achievements

    I didn't know about that either, thanks!
  4. Steam Achievements

    You're not the only one. I didn't know about the one you mentioned either, and Glottis' other song (not the Booooooone Wagooooooon one) was new to me too (trying not to spoil anything).
  5. The Right Way!

    I think you just need to start a new game, as soon as you get control go into the pause menu and enable tank controls, then (still in the pause menu) start a new game. When you do, you'll have tank controls enabled already.
  6. blam

    So without a keyboard how can I type "blam"? Or was that left out of the remaster?
  7. It shows up in the UK store now too, but for release on the 28th. https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/en-gb/games/grim-fandango-remastered/cid=EP2154-CUSA01858_00-GRIMFANDANGOBUND Edit: no option to buy it yet though.
  8. Yep, see this thread - http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/12779/ - it's only an issue using pre-RC8 saves with RC8.
  9. Vela ending

    I've seen other reports of this on the internet as well. Seems you may get the same issue if you do the opposite, i.e. play the entirety of Shay's story without doing any of Vella's. Basically if you do all of one character's story to the end, then when it should switch to the other character, shenanigans ensue.
  10. Any timeframe for PS3 update?

    Ah I'd not heard about that before. Well patch 1.01 was released but I do not know if that addressed it, as the list of fixes was never made public. That patch will probably cause your save games to be lost though, if you install it. Probably best to email support and see if you can get them to answer, the admins don't seem to monitor this part of the forum from what I can see in other threads. Do report back if you hear anything though!
  11. Any timeframe for PS3 update?

    Not heard of that bug, what exactly are you seeing? Incidentally, has anyone emailed support about this? I don't think any admins are watching this forum so you might get a better reply if you do that (I'd hope so anyway).
  12. It's nearer the 41 minute mark but he walks on to "Take California" by Propellerheads.
  13. I don't have PS+, I bought the game from the PS store around the time it came out, and that update lost my save game. No idea about trophies though, I didn't really pay any attention to that when I restarted.
  14. Impossible to clear The Adventurer's part on PS3

    Hey hey, played through to that section and now I CAN jump from the top of the ladder and complete The Adventurer's section! But my save game is long gone.. and no updates about that in this thread nor the one specifically about PS3 save games being gone. I thought the admins were watching these threads but maybe I should PM DF Justin and see if he can let us know any more.
  15. Impossible to clear The Adventurer's part on PS3

    Makes sense, just thought I'd mention it in case it was relevant. I still haven't updated my PS3 to 4.40 or whatever the new version is, but I doubt that makes any difference. I just fired up The Cave when I read about others getting the 1.01 update and it asked me to install. I have a Japanese PS3 but downloaded The Cave from the UK PSN. I haven't played through to the part of the game we were stuck at yet, as my save game is definitely gone (yey) so I have to start again, but at least in the opening section I can jump from the top of ladders with The Adventurer, so it seems positive. I'll try and play through to that part soon and update with a definite yes or no. It would be nice to know what update 1.01 does or does not fix but all seems quiet on that, unfortunately.