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  1. For those who lost their save file after completing Vella's story, this save starts right after Vella's story is complete. Download the save file from here or here and put it in your Broken Age "saves" folder. Make sure the filename is "slot_7.sav". You could probably replace the "7" with any of the numbers 1-8. This save-game is created on a OS X machine, so I do not know if it will work on Windows machines.
  2. It would be awesome if someone here could share a save-file where Vella's story is complete, and Shay's story begin. (Or close to the end of Vella's story). Maybe make a sticky save-game thread for us who have issues with this particular case?
  3. Yesterday I completed Vella's story, right up to the point where you spawn as Shay. I then exited through the in-game menu. Today when I selected Continue, it took me back to an older scene in Vella's story. I had another save-game which also spawned me to Vella's story (same place). Specs: Macbook Pro Retina, 16GB Ram, (non-dedicated GPU). OSX Mavericks If anyone have a working save-game with the Vella story complete, and right up to where Shay's story begin it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Next step is Limited Freewriting. What is this nonsense you say? Pick out a number (X), then a number of hours (Y). Finished? Great! Now you have Y hours to finish writing about X different things. This method is highly adaptable, and your goal is to complete the task in the given amount of hours. If failure occurs, bad things can or will happen (randomly). Therefore it is recommended that all padawans start out easy, and gradually increase the level before becoming a Master. After a successful accomplishment you will not only feel great, but you can also allow yourself something nice, like a cookie perhaps, or a brand new car (all depending on your financial situation and local laws). I'll give a demonstration right now: - X : 0 - Y : 00:01 Damn it feels good to accomplish something. That's right, you are allowed to set X to zero. If doing this, you are in no way allowed to write anything at all in the given amount of time Y. Use and abuse this as you please, but be warned, this is not like the safe "I-never-fail" method mentioned by OP. I've attached a photo, demonstrating what can be perceived as a bad thing from Tim's point of view. The more observant readers here may have noticed the cats on the wall. There was no need for reddit back then.
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