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  1. Only 1890 votes right now. 87,142 backers from Kickstarter... Why wasn't there an update about this? Was feedback only wanted from forum posters and not the other ~86,000 people?
  2. I think we're at a reasonable time frame to start charging more for access. At some point the product needs to change from buying in as a backer to pre-ordering a game. With all the hard work that has been documented in the updates I don't think this project is going to fail.
  3. Yeah totally. I am very excited to see what a proven creative group of people can come up with without the pressure a publisher puts on. This is totally one of the reasons I'm excited to see how well this game turns out. Without a publisher to dictate the timeline its a good opportunity to experiment with processes. It's the resulting game that counts. P.S. I'm really glad to see that SG got to keep the dark hair and complexion. <3
  4. Oh hey! That's a good mash up of the art. I like the dark hair with the dark skin tones so much. That confidant stance with with the calm face makes her so much more approachable too. I like strong female characters, but making -any- character (regardless of gender) overly aggressive is just a turnoff.
  5. They all look good for sketches which leaves a lot to the imagination. Really like the dress on J, with the thin tail of the dress still trailing behind like a ribbon. The hat on circle P is fun with the tall feather. The stance on circle O is really cute and demure.
  6. A world of marbles. Piled up and spread out as far as the eye can see. Gentle crests of multi-colored bobbles fill the landscape like dunes in a sand desert. All around you are people looking for -their- marbles that they have lost. As you pick up different marbles you see still frames(Or mini games) of other peoples memories. Like cutting the cake at a wedding or that time in band camp, chilling out on the beach watching the waves crash in, or blowing out the candles on your sweet 16 birthday cake.
  7. I like it. It scales well on my 2560x1600 while in full screen. Seems to preload extremely well on my connection and had loaded the entire film when I was about 1/3rd of the way in. Was also able to skip around the movie with minimal load time which is appreciated as I hate to wait for video to catch up with me.
  8. I like the idea of free writing, but I always feel like my best ideas are when I'm half asleep. It's because I can never fall asleep unless I'm thinking about something fanciful. Most of the time I have to pull myself back from the brink of oblivion just to open a notepad an jot down what seems to be the best idea in the world. Granted half the time when I wake up in the morning it's nothing but trash, but it's the other 50% that is just pure gold in need of extrapolation.
  9. You know what I think would be neat? To have duel protagonists where you get to pick male or female. The one that you pick becomes the silent protagonist (Akin to Link, Chrono, Cloud, etc.) and the other becomes the one that talks. This could lead to jokes about how one has all the social skills but lacks the coordination to lift a glass of water (Like Tim in that first video) and how the other could assemble an engine from paper clips and chewing gum even though they never talk. Failing that, it would be interesting to have a female protagonist.
  10. I voted yes because I don't think that that any game designer should shy away from something in their vision, but at that same time I don't think full frontal should be in the game for no reason. Plus I could see blow back for doing something like this. The headlines on Kotaku will read "Fan funded game adds pornography at fans request!".
  11. Haha, I really like this post. So with that said and almost 90k backers I think it'll be to hard to control all the information so you may as well let it all hang out if we only have a choice between full lock down and open door policy, but I'd rather have some kind of mix. Like 3 categories: Backer info, Public info, and Joke/Misdirection info.
  12. Came here to say this. If it was just about getting a great game, we could have waited for completion and reviews or a demo before buying. But jumping in on Kickstarter allows us to be part of an experiment and get an inside look at game development. What I was purchasing with my donation was the education about game development, documentary production, and crowd-sourced software. I already have received more of that than I paid for. CJ I agree with this. I don't think it will suck, but regardless of the quality the donation will be worth it to see the creation of a game. I will still donate to games that I would like to see in the future (Only Wasteland 2 so far). I'll also still be able to say that I was part of this experiment.
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