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  1. Agreed. You may place me firmly in the camp of those that find Rayman's animation style to look terribly cheap in motion. Even more to the point, Rayman is a good example of the most prevalent problems in recent animation work (particularly on iOS games and other Flash-like 2D products). All the effort goes into achieving high resolution output that moves at a high framerate, meaning a thoroughgoing reliance on vector art and various tweening / squishing / transforming techniques. Sadly, high resolution and framerate alone will manage to wow many audiences, but these factors aren't what actually matters to the animation quality. In fact, raising the number of frames and pixels artificially (relying heavily on vector-y art and tweens) can produce a much worse looking product. You're not adding any new details or information in that manner; you're just smoothing out all the edges and textures (even movement has a "texture" to the jumps and omissions) and giving the entire production an artificial feeling. It's a bit like the embarrassingly awful modes some TV sets started adding that will inject additional frames into a movie in order to raise it to a high refresh rate; it looks absolutely terrible, and ruins the movement of the original photography. I'd always gladly take 5 well-drawn frames over 60 frames that are just rotations and transformations of a handful of character assets carved up and skinned onto a skeletal frame. That's not to say that I don't have faith in DF's product, because I do, but this is certainly the most disheartening thing I've read since the project began. I consider the recent trends in 2D gaming (particularly on iOS and with various indie titles) to be rather terrible setbacks for the medium, and Rayman is quite the opposite of progress to my eyes.
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