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  1. gofer it. It was a neat little secret club we had but I have no problem letting people view the cool information
  2. Okay so I have no issues with releasing the documentary. However, the internet, especially gamer culture is a very volatile place. You've answered people's prejudice with evidence and calm rational explanation before and they don't care. What will happen though, is some youtuber will take the well made and incredibly informative documentary series, put clips together out of context and make a narrative about you stealing money or some such nonsense. This will get shared on social media, gamergate and other toxic communities will take things out of context and call you a fraud and there will be more negative attention. The people that hate you, don't have a reason to, they really don't. They already think you've split BA into two parts and kick-started both of them. They don't understand that the 3.3 million doesn't go that far in current game development. Having a 10+ hour long documentary that meticulously goes over the entire process won't help. They don't have that kind of attention span. I hate that I'm this negative about this and maybe, maybe before last year it might of helped, but not now... I do think people who are genuinely interested in game development would enjoy it and I'd encourage people to watch it... just if you think it will dissuade the negativity... I just don't think anything will... I'm really looking forward to BA and upcoming DF games and don't let any of this discourage you. You have fans and you have people who enjoy your work even if the negative noise can be emotionally draining.
  3. Is the main character still female? She was in the prototype but was it changed for the main release?
  4. Some sort of skeleton insurance agent man or perhaps maybe a world conquering purple tentacle?
  5. It was the one I least suspected. Lemi, I think her name is? The one that seems super on everything. It really hurt me, well not as much as it hurt her of course.
  6. easily the best line "You're all a bunch of fumpin doobs!"
  7. So wait, it's possible to not get stabbed? I thought getting stabbed was the ending. am I actually missing something?
  8. Man, i'm usually good at adventure games but I've come at this game about three different times. I've got half a key and picture and have no clue what to do. I've done the classic thing of trying every item on every other item. gone to every room about a dozen times. EDIT: uugughghg! nevermind. I had to stand in the right place. I thought the picture looked similar to that but i couldn't get it to work.
  9. Did anyone actually get the credits? I wanted to see what DFer played what bud.
  10. I noticed there are pics for the list view but not for grid view. Any way to get those pics in a larger size?
  11. Yeah, it disappeared for me too. Oh well, I'll play the drm version and I'm going to assume this will sort its self out. I t still shows up in the transactions so I'm going to guess they know what's going on. Maybe steam found some weird exploit in it they're afraid of.
  12. So ugh... this is weird. I was installing LPBB, went to the bathroom, came back and it's not in my library any more.
  13. Like the last prototypes, these didn't come with big picture banners. Has anyone made any? Just so everything looks neat and tidy.
  14. The LPBB progress thread mentioned they were waiting to clean it up just a bit before the steam release so my guess is that it'll come out there at the same time
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