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  1. I like your line of thinking... but it would go against the entire design of the game. Massive Chalice is a hybrid strategy and tactical game. The tactical aspect of it is critical to its design. Every aspect of the strategic portion is meant to feed into the tactical side - from the stats on your heroes to the research options. I personally enjoy the combat because it's like a puzzle - how do I get through this fight without losing anyone? Can I do it while getting XP to the right people? What's the optimal way to kill this monster? Similarly, the tactical part feeds back into the strategic part. The XP your characters gain in combat needs to be fed back into the bloodlines, either by using seasoned heroes as standard bearers or marrying them back in. Removing the tactical aspect would make it more like a Football Manager style game instead of something in the vein of X-Com. It might still be a good game, but it's not the game they're making.
  2. Knockback is a melee attack. It does a very small amount of damage, but it stuns the pawn you hit for a full round as well as knocking them back a few squares. If they run into anything, they take a little extra damage - and if they run into another pawn, the other pawn is stunned as well. It's a great crowd-control ability.
  3. Are you specifically having problems with advanced cradles? I rarely have normal cradles one-shot anyone who isn't injured already unless they're frail. I admit I don't have many relics at the moment. Leveling in the last stretch is probably more difficult either way, especially when you're critting a lot while softening up the fodder. That will have to consist more of simply opening up more last-hit opportunities and taking advantage of them when you can, instead of having something reliable. Charging into an area your other caberjack is already in doesn't expose more map. If I don't already know what's there, I avoid charging in like the death sentence it is.
  4. 'Nah, more like the "Bountiful" trait is a bit too easy to stack. A couple should think before having their 12th child. Lies and slander. That 12th child might be the one to save the kingdom!
  5. On the gripping hand, chaining stuns means that character is locked up doing nothing but stunning and doing meager damage.
  6. I've had surprisingly little in the way of lethal Cradle encounters so far, and I think that might be in part due to careful play. Scout with a Hunter to find it before it finds you, lob flasks if there's cover for it, and ambush with a knockback stun if your caberjack can ambush. Draw off and pick off its friends if it isn't alone. I think my favorite team was one hunter and four cabers. They happened to be all I had available, but they worked together fantastically. The four Cabers could keep at least two monsters stunlocked perpetually and still attack two things every round, with the Hunter getting in whatever shots he can while fights are happening, and scout ahead when they aren't. The extra tankiness of the Cabers means they can survive a Cradle bomb, and by the time the Cradle has a second attack lined up the Caber is in its face slamming it against a wall. Followed by his buddy charging in and knocking him into the wall again the following turn. Alchemists are great for burst damage. It's always nice to have one as either the regent or partner during a Keep defense, as anything that pops around the corner trying to get an easy meal is going to get a facefull of exploding flask. Hunters and Caberjacks are my bread and butter though. Caberjacks. Caberjacks caberjacks caberjacks. I cannot emphasize enough how useful Knockback is for this. Not only does it stun them, it does minimal damage - AND it lets you reposition enemies for easier reaping by your lowbie.
  7. As a sentimental gamer the idea of relics does a lot to mitigate the potentially hopeless feeling of getting attached to a given hero knowing they'll only be around for a small slice of the game. When I read the bit about 'Battle alongside your ancestors by equipping your heroes with uniquely powerful Bloodline Relics' the first thing I thought was that you might be able to, in special circumstances summon some spectral spirit version of the ancestor who first used the relic to literally fight alongside you for a short while. If that's actually something that is being tossed around as a power for very well used 'experienced' relics, it sounds awesome. And it would make it a little easier to let an old favorite hero go if you could then work towards them being able to come back and chip in to help their family on the field now and then.
  8. I agree that space or esc are natural choices to assume it pauses, so . or enter should skip.
  9. I downloaded Autonomous directly from the Humble Bundle page. Tried to run it, told me I needed the steam_api.dll - I even tried copying the steam_api.dll from another game's directory into that one, and it still doesn't work. Helllp meeeeeee
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